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Sven Guckes ist am 2022-02-20 verstorben. Diese Webseite wird in Erinnerung an ihn aufrecht erhalten.

Sven Guckes passed away on 2022-02-20. This website is maintained in his memory.

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Name + Birthday
Sven Guckes - born April 6th, 1967
use this for first contact: 
IRC:SvenG  on Freenode/IRCnet/OFTC/

PGP Key and
11 28 37 E2 CB 46 72 67  9E 8E 22 18 DA F9 C0 96
1024R/57F77F09 with signatures
1024R/57F77F09 Statistics - by henkp
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Mailing Lists
  • elvis-editor - a small and efficient text editor (vi clone) for unix and win32
  • gnu-screen - a windows manager for terminals
  • linux-events - announcements for linux related events
  • sed-users - the "stream editor" sed
  • antiword converts from DOC to text. this once pointed to but they didnt want the domain.
  • - my home domain
  • - Linux User Group Camp Event (AT, CH, DE) -->
  • - a presentation tool - input text, output slides
  • - multi-platform library for display management, key maps and more
  • - a text-based newsreader based on s-lang
  • - all those cool programs for terminals.
  • - everything about the text editor vi - and then some
  • - "vi improved" - the vi editor on steroids
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2007-10-20 2007-10-21 Krefeld title abstract "Computer ohne GUI" oder: "Hardware schleppen ist uncool"
2007-10-10 Berlin RegEx Workshop zusammen mit Frank Hofmann Shell Commands with Patterns / Wildcards
2007-09-11 Berlin Knoppix (Konzept) Vortrag zusammen mit Frank Hofmann
2007-08-25 2007-08-25 Bonn FrOSCon BoF: Free Software Events in Europe + Wiki Support.
2007-07-10 2007-07-14 Amiens Libre Software Meeting ...
2007-05-30 2007-06-02 Wien LinuxWochen Österreich social event on first evening and speaker support
2007-05-19 --- Graz LinuxWochen Österreich - Graz workshop on message editing
2007-05-11 2007-05-12 Eisenstadt LinuxWochen Österreich - Eisenstadt talks on Linux - ein starker Desktop? and Text User Interface
2007-04-06 2007-04-09 Hamburg EasterHegg Workshops: zusammen mit Julius Plenz: zsh workshop Julius Plenz: vim workshop (irc channel support)
2007-03-24 Augsburg Linux Info-Tag Keynote: Linux - ein starker Dektop? + Vorträge: Text User Interfaces und Mustersuche (Reguläre Ausdrücke)
2007-03-14 Vienna Using Vim Vim Feature Show Vim Workshop Outline
2007-03-03 2007-03-04 Chemnitz Chemnitzer Linux-Tage Vortrag: TUI - Text User Interface (webseite)
LinuxBus (Mitorganisation)
2007-02-17 2007-02-18 Herford Workshop zu "regular expressions" in awk bash less mutt perl sed vi(m) zsh..
2007-02-01 2007-02-02 Luxembourg LinuxDays Vortrag: Advancing the Text Interface - abstract
2007-01-11 Berlin - newthinking kreuzberg --- Workshop: Shell Workshop - Teil2 - shell.tpp
zusammen mit Frank Hofmann.
2007-01-09 Berlin - newthinking kreuzberg --- Workshop: Shell Workshop - Teil1 - shell.tpp
zusammen mit Frank Hofmann.
from to place event title title of talk/workshop + data
2006-12-27 2006-12-30 place 23rd Chaos Communication Congress (23C3) Social Event at Maredo; Moderation of the Lightning Talks together with b9punk:
Overview to Talks - Dec27 Dec28 Dec29 Dec30
photos: 12-26, 12-27, 12-28, 12-29, 12-30
2006-12-02 2006-12-03 Eindhoven Technical Dutch Open Source Event (T-DOSE) Advancing the Text Interface
2006-10-08 Dresden Linux-Info-Tag Vortrag: Bildbearbeitung auf der Kommandozeile
2006-09-11 2006-09-12 Hamburg, TUHH --- Vortrag + Schulung: Texttools Feature Show
2006-07-15 Pforzheim Linux InfoTag Vortrag: Ankündigungsseite Bildbearbeitung auf der Shell (bildbearbeitung.txt)
2006-07-01 Berlin - BSD --- Workshop: Screen - Multi User Mode
2006-06-29 Berlin - ZEDAT --- Vortrag: Feature Show: Screen - Abstract
2006-06-24 2006-06-25 Bonn FrOSCon Bildbearbeitung per Shell
2006-06-21 Mönchengladbach - LugMoe --- Workshop: TextTools (mutt, screen, vim, zsh) feedback
2006-06-15 2006-06-18 Linz LinuxWochen Österreich Vortrag: Vim Feature Show
2006-06-09 Berlin - newthinking kreuzberg --- Vortrag: Screen Multiuser Mode - Mini-HOWTO
2006-06-06 Berlin - newthinking Mitte --- Vortrag: Bildbearbeitung per Shell (Abstract)
2006-05-31 2006-06-02 Wien LinuxWochen Wien Vortrag: Bildbearbeitung per Shell
2006-05-26 2006-05-27 Eisenstadt LinuxWochen Eisenstadt Bildbearbeitung per Shell
2006-05-17 Berlin - BeLUG --- Vortrag: Screen Feature Show - (Abstract)
2006-05-13 FH Brandenburg 3. Brandenburger Linux Infotag "Freie Software macht Schule" Organisation: Key Signing Party
2006-05-12 --- Berlin - newthinking kreuzberg --- Vortrag: Bildbearbeitung auf der Konsole - Abstract
2006-05-03 2006-05-06 Wiesbaden LinuxTag Kommandozeilenmarathon und Barrierefreies Arbeiten mit Grml und Texttools zusammen mit und vor allem von Sebastian Andres
2006-04-29 2006-04-30 Herford TextTools Wochenende Workshop: mutt workshop - fahrplan
2006-04-27 TFH-Berlin E-Mail Sicherheit - Signieren + Verschlüsseln Seminar zu GNUpg aka gpg - gpg_kurs.txt
2006-03-31 --- Berlin - newthinking kreuzberg --- Vortrag: Vim - der Texteditor mit Power
2006-03-28 Ulm, IN-Ulm --- Vortrag: Bildbearbeitung auf der Konsole - Abstract
2006-03-25 FH Augsburg 5. Linux-Infotag Augsburg Vorträge: Vim Feature Show (Ankündigung) + Bildbearbeitung auf der Console (Ankündigung)
2006-03-17 --- Berlin - newthinking kreuzberg --- Vortrag: Shell Scripting - Abstract+Inhalt
2006-03-04 2006-03-05 Chemnitz, DE Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2006 Moderation der Linux Nacht
2006-02-25 2006-02-26 Brussels, BE FOSDEM attendance, photos: feb24 feb25 feb26
2006-02-15 Berlin, c-base Workshop: c-base workshop announcement page, Screen Feature Show Abstract - screen cheat sheet
2006-02-09 Berlin - newthinking Mitte --- Vortrag: Zsh Feature Show - Abstract
2006-02-08 Berlin - BeLUG Vortrag: Zsh Feature Show - Abstract
2006-01-12 Berlin - newthinking Mitte --- Vortrag: Vim Feature Show - Paper
from to place event title title of talk/workshop + data
2005-12-27 2005-12-30 Berlin 22nd Chaos Computer Congress (22C3) Social Event at Maredo; Support for talk on GNU/Linux für Blinde und Sehbehinderte by Sebastian Andres and Lars Stetten
2005-08-04 2005-08-07 Swansea (UK) Linux Technical Conference together with Julius Plenz Talks: Vim Feature Show and Zsh rules! and Workshops on Vim and Zsh
2005-07-16 Pforzheim 2. Pforzheim Linux Infotag Webseiten; sowie zusammen mit Julius Plenz: Vim Feature Show + Zsh Feature Show + Vim Workshop (Programm)
2005-05-24 2005-05-27 Wien LinuxWochen Wien Vortrag: Zsh Featurama - Ankündigungsseite
2005-05-20 2005-05-21 Eisenstadt LinuxWochen Eisenstadt Vortrag: Zsh Featurama
2005-04-23   Brandenburg Brandenburger Linux-Infotag TODO... zsh, gnupg + Key Signing Party.
2005-03-05 2005-03-06 Chemnitz Chemnitzer Linux-Tage - Workshop on Z-Shell
2005-02-25 2005-02-26 Brussels FOSDEM Lightning Talk on mutt-ng
2005-02-24 Köln Openchaos Night 10 Reasons to Switch to the Z-Shell
2005-02-10 Dresden Themenabend Textools Config Workshop *
from to place event title title of talk/workshop + data
2004-12-27 2004-12-29 Berlin 21C3 Lightning Talk: Why mutt still sucks - muttng.mp4
2004-10-30 --- Dresden 2. Linux-Info-Tag Dresden Vortrag: 10 gute Gründe für Texttools +
Texttools Workshop + webpage
2004-10-22 2004-10-23 Berlin (DE) Berlinux 2004 Vortrag: gpg key generation mini-HOWTO
2004-08-21 2004-08-29 Ludwigsburg KDE Community World Summit 2004 zusammen mit Michael Prokop:
Workshop: Überleben auf dem Terminal
2004-08-01 2004-09-30 Graz (AT) Free Summer (August+September)
2004-06-23 2004-06-26 Karlsruhe (DE) LinuxTag 2004
Mi 2004-06-23 14-15h Practical Linux Forum  "Text Tools Galore!"
Do 2004-06-24 11-12h Practical Linux Forum  "Screen - 'Fenster im Terminal'"
Do 2004-06-24 13-14h R2.08 Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions on mutt+slrn
Sa 2004-06-26 ab 21h NightWatch / Graveyard Shift beim
2004-06-09 2004-06-12 Berlin (DE) Wizards of OS 3 Photos und Technical Support für die Projekte
OpenWebSchool + Ganesha's Project
2004-05-26 2004-05-29 Wien (AT) Linuxwochen Österreich - Wien Vortrag: Vim Feature Show - Abstract+Inhalt
2004-05-07 2004-05-08 Graz (AT) Linuxwochen Österreich - Graz mit Michael Prokop:
Workshop: Using the power of texttools - texttools++ ( photo vom workshop + photo vom social event)
2004-04-09 2004-04-12 München Easterhegg Texttools Workshop + Key Signing Party -- Notizen
2004-03-06 2004-03-07 Chemnitz 5. LinuxTag Chemnitz Vortrag: bark - der neue Mailer (Ankündigung)
Workshop: Message Editing: Ankündigung, Webseite, Inhalt
from to place event title title of talk/workshop + data
2003-12-27 2003-12-29 Berlin 20C3 - 20. CCC Congress ...
2003-12-13 2003-12-14 Utrecht Utrecht - Presentation Day Vortrag: mutt+vim - fast_reply!
2003-10-30 2003-10-31 Köln, C4 OpenChaos Nov 2003 Workshop: mutt+vim im screen - fast_reply! - Ankündigung
2003-10-18 Dresden Dresden - Linux Info Tag Workshop: TextTools - Webseite (Kopie)
2003-07-10 2003-07-13 Karlsruhe LinuxTag Karlsruhe
2003-06-05 2003-06-07 Vienna/Wien LinuxWochen Österreich - MuseumsQuartier
2003-06-04 Vienna/Wien LinuxWochen Österreich - HTL Ottakring
2003-04-30 Berlin BICS Fachtagung
2003-04-05 Magdeburg LinuxTag Magdeburg
2003-03-01 2003-03-02 Chemnitz 4. LinuxTag Chemnitz
from to place event title title of talk/workshop + data
2002-09-27 2002-09-29 bei Isny Hüttenwochenende 2002
-- 2002-09-14 Borgholzhausen ComputerInfoTag
2002-06-27 2002-06-30 Vienna (Austria) Linux Wochen
2002-06-06 2002-06-09 Karlsruhe LinuxTag Karlsruhe
2002-05-25   Magdeburg LinuxTag Magdeburg
2002-05-17 2002-05-20 Flensburg Linux Camp 2002
-- 2002-04-30 Chemnitz UNIX Stammtisch Chemnitz Mutt - man's best friend
2002-03-09 2002-03-10 Chemnitz LinuxTag Chemnitz
2002-02-23 2002-02-24 Berlin (bootlab) ASCII-Survival with Florian Cramer. *
from to place event title title of talk/workshop + data
2001-12-27 2001-12-29 Berlin 18C3 - 18. CCC Congress LUG Treffen
-- 2001-11-27 Chemnitz UNIX Stammtisch Chemnitz Survival im Webcafe - ssh me@home
2001-10-11 2001-10-14 Berlin Wizards of OS II
2001-09-15 2001-09-16 Berlin Linux Infotage TextTools
2001-08-05 2001-08-11 Berlin SLRN Hacking
-- 2001-07-13 Ulm Buergernetz Ulm
2001-07-05 2001-07-08 Stuttgart LinuxTag Stuttgart
2001-06-20 2001-06-21 St. Pölten (Austria) LinuxDays *
2001-05-18 2001-05-19 Magdeburg LinuxTag Magdeburg
2001-05-04 2001-05-06 Braunschweig LinuxTag Braunschweig
2001-03-10 2001-03-11 Chemnitz LinuxTag Chemnitz

Freelance work, writing articles and giving talks on free software. If your have a job opening involving free software then please contact me!

Operating Systems:
I enjoy reading on mathematics (especially puzzles), and biographies from people who have lived in Europe within this century, focusing on people living in Germany between 1900-1950.

Although I have quite a few books still on hold, there are some I'd really like to read - so I started a book wishlist on Amazon.

Political manifest:
Here's a summary of the guidelines which I'd apply to politics, too:
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (Voltaire)
"Help people wherever possible. Be nice. Do not do unto other as you won't want them to do unto yourself."
"No censorship - free speech on all media."

And, no, I am not a member of any political group.

Holy Wars:
OK, so once in a while I do resist temptation to flame people on Usenet. ;-) On 990611 I used the following in my post's signature to We need killfiles that actually *kill*. And now I find myself quoted in other folk's signatures. Ouch!

... and this brings us to..

How many gods are there? one, two, or three? a dozen, a hundred, a thousand? 3^3^3? or even infinitely many - for various kinds of infinity? or maybe none at all? well - i don't know. and i do not think that the number really is all that important. even if there are any then their names are not so that important, either. you might claim that super-natural beings do not exist at all - and i do not have proof for that, either. all that remains is some thinking done on your life and your relation to other beings. whatever gets you think about that *can* be good. so i do not mind you all think about this.. and hopefully you'll find some good solutions from that. good luck and "god bless". :-)

Net Life:
Most active participation in these newsgroups:       signatures and all that
   comp.editors          for vi and clones
   comp.mail.elm         for mailer elm (nostalgia)
   comp.mail.mutt        for mailer mutt
   comp.mail.pine        for mailer pine (and flames - hehe) for slrn
Maintaining some two hundred web pages and several FAQs. Occasionally chatting as "Sveng" on IRC.


Much of my time goes into supporting the community of people using and developing free software. Since 1999 I have been to quite a few events where I try to meet the people I am conversing with in email and bring together people so that they hopefully can work together on some projects. I have taken part in organizing some Key Signing Parties, and organized bus trips to events (Chemnitz and Karlsruhe). I usually prepare a talk so as to give info on my favourite tools (texttools) and related issues. Mostly I *show* programs and their effects rather than talking using some slides. And I definitely enjoy listening to lively talks where the speaker only needs his talks as keywords for what he has to say. I also enjoy taking photos with a digital camera. So if you don't want your photo online - beware! ;-)

Some people I had wanted to meet: Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Charles M. Schulz, Marvin Gaye, Martin Luther King, Otis Redding, Walt Disney, Robert Gernhardt, Alan Turing.

Communication via Chat Systems - ICQ IRC Jabber SILC

Besides Email, IRC was one of the first "Internet services" I used. I certainly know how addictive this is, but nowadays I just use it to talk to people I know, exchanging data about setups for programs. From time to time I am logged in via using the nickname SvenG usually talking on the channels #fub, #vim, and #zsh. You can send me a message with "/msg sveng hi there" and I usually respond if I am not "away".

Since late 2002 I have been using centericq. to also chat via ICQ. My number is 38801898.

However, there are many things i do not like about centericq. it has only a very small amount of support for key binding, options for color and for adjusting the layout. its use for blind people is almost impossible as it has no support for placing the cursor. and you can only find people in your contact list with a prefix search. there is much more to be said about centericq - but in the end it boils down to "no development". in short, centericq needs a replacement by a multi-protocoll client with many more options for color, screen layout, keybinding, and list limit. and i am sure it could be a LOT smaller, too. hopefully, the irssi server will replace it if it ever comes to life. meanwhile, i might switch to bitlbee. let's see.

You can also reach me via Jabber as guckes(at)
like i said - i would like to get rid of centericq for its lack of support for some of the features that make jabber better than icq and other systems. one of these features is that jabber was designed to be extensible. so everyone who writes a jabber client does so - expand, expand, expand. why is there no *basic* jabber client which excels in supporting the basic features of jabber? i would think that everyone wants a fast access to "buddies" (people in the contact list), good editing commands with reuse of words in the recent conversation, a display of the conversation history (aka log), fast access to URIs within it, as well as commands for an easy integration of encryption. if this client would also be available for linux, mac *and* windows then it could be the basis for many more clients with better features.

Sven's X-Files

In this world of data you are certainly leaving traces. Here are some of Sven's:
Sven's Signatures [updated daily!]
Well, a lot of emails and posts end with a signature. Whenever I send a message and there are hints to some program they are usually appended within such a signature. The above file has all the signatures with hints on programs I am using. Usually they contain the URL to a web page with more info. And often they have the latest version number and release date, too. (I had put these version info onto another page, but I gave up on maintaining it because this really is a LOT of work, and noone really seemed to need such a page but myself.) Meanwhile I am using this file for almost any info I might want to use in some context.

Sven's favourite quotes [updates from time to time]
Email and News often contain some quotes - and the most favourite go into the "collection".



Attended school in Berlin: