Mutt-NG - Intro

"All mailers suck - but mutt sucks less."
 Mutt  sucks less - but it still sucks!

mutt has been improved a lot at a fast rate -
but  that was almost some 10 years ago.
mutt development had stalled for two years
even though there had been many patches.
and this sucks.

now there's been a fork and there
is some development happening again..

Mutt-NG - History

ON 2005-01-11? Andreas Krennmair (aka AK) forked mutt
and he named it "mutt next generation" aka "mutt-ng".

Mutt-NG - What's new so far?

Mutt-NG - What's Next?

Mutt-NG - How to Help

Mutt-NG - Links

this text:

mailing lists: mutt-ng-devel + mutt-ng-user

project pages:
bug reports + feature requests + patches upload:

Debian: (2005-04-06: timeout)
                 maintained by Elimar Riesebieter mutt-ng(at)

blog with rss feed:


Mutt-NG - Articles + Docs

fork von mutt gestartet

Linux Magazine interviews AK:

"Mutt--The Next Generation"  by Kyle Rankin

Mutt-NG - People + Events

Andreas Krennmair (AK) [Linz, Austria]:
project leader

Nico "nion" Golde (NG) [Berlin, Germany]:
documentation, code patches

Sven Guckes (SG) [Berlin, Germany]:
public relations and talks
structure of website

Christian "strcat" Schneider (CS) [Regensburg, Germany]:
wiki. screenshots and late night
session before fosdem talk.

testing and patches:
Michael "mikap" Prokop (MP) [Graz, Austria]
Rocco Rutte (RR) [Berlin, Germany]

Mutt-NG - Events

where we shall be in the near future: March 5+ 6 Chemnitz: AK- MP! NG! SG! March 25-28 EasterHegg: AK? MP? NG? SG! June 22-25 LinuxTag: AK! MP? NG? SG! (summer) mutt+slrn: BugFest+ThinkTank