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Vi Pages Tree - Abstract Overview

An overview on the special pages on Vi:

Vi Answers
Questions and Answers about Vi. This is a repository of new texts which might move into other special pages.

Vi Bugs [961021]
A list of known bugs of "standard vi versions", read "unsupported clones". Bugs of supported clones are usually addressed on pages elsewhere.

Credits to some vi people, some of them helping me with thee pages by sending info.

VI History
The history of Vi: Development of versions. Version Tree.

Homes [990209]
A short overview of the homepages of vi clones.

Vi Options [960604,961016]
A comparisons of "options" of various Vi clones. This page compares the available names of options for various Vi clones. Thus it is more or less a comparison of features.

Vi Pictures [960629]
Screenshots of pictures showing Vi and clones.

Quotes [990223]
Some of the better quotes on VI.

VI Substitute Guide [961021]
A guide on the very very helpful command "substitute" (":s") (aka "search and replace"). Hints on regular expressions.

Tree [990223]
This page.

Vi exrc [971006]
This is Sven's heavily commented setup file for Vi - the "exrc". Download and install in your home directory to get you started with Vi right away. Includes a reference to unmapped keys, ie keys you can safely use for mappings without losing standard commands.

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