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Vi Pages - NEWS

What's new on the Vi Pages?

DATE News Item
2002-09-01 Finally converting all pages to the new look.
2002-02-22 ""Caldera International has done a very good thing. They have released the "Ancient" Unices they inherited when they purchased SCO under a "BSD-style" license." see the article on slashdot and the referenced mail about Liberal license for ancient UNIX sources which mentions The License in PDF.


DATE News Item
1999-11-29 Added link to an article on Vi in 'Computer User'
1999-11-12 Added link to a new vi quick intro: An Extremely Quick and Simple Introduction to the Vi Text Editor
1999-06-28 Added info on Watcom-VI.
1999-03-04 Added info on "levee", a DOS clone and "".
1999-02-25 Created this page to move data off the homepage.
1999-02-23 Added info on bvi, a binary editor using vi-like commands.
1999-02-23 Created new page about Books on VI
1999-02-23 Created new page with Quotes on VI
1999-02-23 Created new page with long descriptions of available pages: Vi Page Tree
1999-02-23 Added link to the German Vi-Lovers Homepage
1999-02-23 Added local copy of defunct link to The "true" story of vi
1999-01-14 New URL for VI Mugs
1999-01-05 Vi Clones's Homes
1998-07-23 VI Reference Manual & VI Introduction and a small rant on Emacs
1998-06-24 Updated entry on vile - vile-8.0 is out!
1998-05-28 Added a link to a new tutorial.
1998-05-04 Added info about the (new) vi clone "pvic" (based on stevie).
1997-10-07 Added some text on "Vi History".
1997-09-26 Finally added more info on several clones. Thanks, David!
1996-10-14 Sven's setup file for Vi (exrc) with comments
1996-10-01 Added sections about "Vi vs Emacs".
1996-09-29 VI Picture Gallery

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