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This page shows a list of "Mailers" (techspeak: Mailer User Agents - aka MUAs) and their homepages on the web. Some other mail related programs are listed, too, though. The basic idea is to give minimal reference to these programs by listing their homepage (and maybe an alternate address such as a mirror) and their latest stable and beta releases with their release dates. and hopefully being up-to-date, too.

The table also shows how these mailers identify in the mail header. the standard line so far has been "X-Mailer:", but it should now be changed to "User-Agent:". You are welcome to send me identification lines for those which have none listed yet or updates to those already listed.

I find that hunting for release infos to commercial programs is often a drag so if these info are not presented well on the main site then just don't feel like wasting my time with this and promoting their latest version. So if anyone wants to send me the latest versions and identification strings for Mozilla, Outlook, and Outlook Express then you are certainly welcome.

Found a bug? Is there an update necessary? Please send me an email! Thanks! :-)

i wish people would give their products *short* addresses.  example:

Mail User Agents HomePages

CHECK Mailer Name + Version HomePage Identification
031207 Aethera 1.0 [2003-08-08]
 X-Mailer: Aethera [1.0] 08 Aug 2003 
Groupware Mailer for (Linux) KDE.
AK-Mail 3.5 [2003-06-29] (German)
AK-Mail 3.2 [2002-12-03] (English)
 X-Mailer: NAME's registered AK-Mail 3.11 [ger] 
030921 Althea 0.5.7 [2002-03-06] Linux, Windows. GUI, X.
030908 Balsa 2.0.14 [2003-08-26]
 X-Mailer: Balsa 1.2.4 
030908 Becky 2.06.02 [2003-05-16]
 X-Mailer: Becky! ver 2.06 

shareware; release date taken from binary (B2.exe)
030916 Beonex 0.8.2 [2003-03-21]
 User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en; Development) Gecko/20010805 Beonex/0.7-dev-2 
open source. mac, unix, win. browser, mailer, newsreader. full name: "Beonex Communicator".
030908 Calypso 3.3 [???]
 X-Mailer: Calypso Version (4) 

"freeware"; windows (XP/2000); no release date given; download requires giving email address; version 3.5 is now known as "Courier".
030908 Courier 3.5 [2003-08-18] Identification
download of trial version has unspecific name ("courier3.exe") and is self-extracting, so cannot check for anything - sorry. commercial ($30). version number does not change with updates; instead the "build number" is incremented.
031017 CrossPoint/FreeXP v3.40 RC3 [2003-08-31] (German site) (English site)
Formerly known as OpenXP/16. Available in English and German.
031207 Cyberdog 2.0 [1997-02-19?]
 X-Mailer: Cyberdog/2.0 
Mac. no changelog available.
031207 Datula
1.51.09 [yyyy-mm-dd?]
1.52.01 [2002-06-27?]
X-Mailer: Datula version 1.51.08 for Windows
X-Mailer: Datula version for Windows
Windows. SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 (Online/Offline/Disconnected use), NNTP(Online/Offline), PGP/MIME, LDAP. (webpages in Japanese only?)
031207 Dialog [2003-10-31]
 User-Agent: 40tude Dialog/ 
Windows. Unicode. MultiLang. Shareware for commercial users, freeware for private users. (German group)
030908 Elm 2.5.6 [2001-08-05] "mailer:" (Elm on HPUX)
elm 2.5 will *not* support pgp; development is pretty much dead.
030909 ELM-ME 107 [2003-09-06] X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4ME+ PL105 (25)]
official successor to "elm".
030918 elmo 0.8.3 [2003-09-16] Identification?
GPL. unix. an all-in-one mailer, including POP3+SMTP, addressbook and filter. "Elmo" stands for "(the) Electronic Mail Operator".
030909 Eudora 6.0.0 [2003-09-03]
 X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Light Version 3.0.6 (32)
 X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 4.0.1

mac, palm, win; commercial [$US40,$US50] (by - three versions: "light", "sponsored", and "paid".
030911 Evolution 1.4.4 [2003-08-01]
 X-Mailer: Evolution/0.16 (Preview Release)
 X-Mailer: Ximian Evolution 1.0.8
 X-Mailer: Ximian Evolution 1.4.4 (1.4.4-3) Debian
030918 exmh 2.6.3 [2003-04-04]
 X-Mailer: exmh version 2.6.2 cvs 03/30/2003 with nmh-1.0.4 
exmh is an TCL/TK interface to MH.
feedmail 10   [2001-04-22]
feedmail 11b1 [2002-09-05] "A replacement for parts of GNUemacs' sendmail.el"
030916 ForteAgent 1.93 [date???]
ForteAgent 2.0 [2003-09-11]
 X-Mailer: Forte Agent 1.92/32.572 
commercial, $US29. "trialware" for 30 days. usually referred to as "ForteAgent" or "FA". Free version is "Forte Free Agent" or "FFA".
FoxMail 5.0beta1 [2003-09-01 (Chinese)
FoxMail 4.2 [2003-03-21] (Chinese)
FoxMail 4.1 [200?-??-??] (English)
 X-mailer: Foxmail 4.2 [-de-] 
the English webpage is quite minimal. no infos about the license or release dates. :-( had to download all files to see their "date".
031130 GeMail Standard [2003-09-11] Identification? German only.
031207 GyazMail 1.1.6 [2003-11-28] [obsolete]
 X-Mailer: GyazMail version 1.1.6 
030918 ishmail 2.1.0 [2001-07-31] Identification?
GPL. Unix. GUI. once was a commercial product of H&L software (
030911 KMail 1.5 [2003-05-19]
X-Mailer: KMail [version 1.3.1]
User-Agent: KMail/1.5.1
[release date of KMail 1.5.1?] GPL.. Qt.
030918 MacSOUP 2.5 [2003-08-16]
 User-Agent: MacSOUP/2.5 (Mac OS X version 10.2.6) 
Mac. shareware - US$20. primarily a newsreader. rudimentary mailer. download necessary to find date.
031207 Magellan 3.5.2 [yyyy-mm-dd?]
 X-Mailer: Magellan (Macintosh) 
031207 Magellanpro 1.4.5 [yyyy-mm-dd?]
 X-Mailer: Magellan (Macintosh) 
030911 Mahogany 0.65 [2003-08-15]
 X-Mailer: Mahogany Mail, 0.21a 'Polwarth II' , compiled for SunOS 5.5 sun4m 
mac, unix, win32
031207 Mail-It 2.0.1 [1998-12-30]
X-Mailer: Mail-it Version 2.0.1
X-Mailer: Mail-it Version 1.31 for CityScape
BeOS. dead product?
030922 MailSmith 2.0.1 [2003-08-20]
 X-Mailer: Mailsmith 1.5.4 (Blindsider) 
Mac. commercial.
030918 Mew 3.3 [2003-07-20]
 X-Mailer: Mew version 4.0.57 on Emacs 21.3 / Mule 5.0 (SAKAKI) 
030918 mh 6.8.4 [1996-02-08] Identification?
"MH" stands for "Message Handler".
030921 mh-e 7.4.2 [2003-08-19] Identification?
mh-e is the GNU Emacs frontend for MH.
TODO Mozilla
 X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.6 [de]C-CCK-MCD QXW0321f  (Win98; I)
030912 Mulberry 3.1b7 [2003-09-12]
 Mulberry/3.0.3 (Mac OS X) 
031207 MultiMail 0.45 [2003-06-08]
 User-Agent: MultiMail/0.45 (SOUP; Win32) 
Unix, Win32, OS/2, BeOS, AtheOS. GPL.
031207 Musashi 3.4.1 [2002-05-12]
 X-Mailer: Musashi 3.2.3-us 
Mac (68K+PPC).
030918 mush 7.2.5 [1992-10-30]
 MuSH (Mail User's Shell (7.2.6 beta(5) 10/07/98)) 

(Mail User SHell). looks pretty much dead. no homepage seem to exist. comp.mail.mush (pretty dead, too. only 25 articles between July 2001 and July 2003 - including spam.)
030917 mutt 1.5.4 [2003-03-19]
 User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.4i 
030916 nail 10.5 [2003-04-27]
 User-Agent: nail 10.5 4/27/03 
NisusEmail 1.6 [2001-12-10] (OSX)
NisusEmail 1.6 [2001-12-07] Identification?
mac. commercial (US$20, US$30).
031207 nMail [obsolete]
 X-Mailer: nMail Version 1.17 
yet another Japanese mailer for which i cannot read any webpages - sorry!
nmh 1.0.4  [2000-04-14]
nmh 1.1RC2 [2003-09-05]
[ ]
"nmh" stands for "new mh". -> release candidate for nmh 2
031017 OpenXP 3.8.11 [2003-08-01] mailer+newsreader.
030916 Opera 7.11 [2003-05-12]
Opera 7.20 [2003-07-24]
X-Mailer: Opera 5.01 build 840
X-Mailer: Opera 6.06 build 1145
browser and mailer. commercial (US$29 / US$39) mac, unix (linux), win.
TODO Outlook (mac) Identification
TODO Outlook (win) Identification
TODO Outlook Express (mac) Identification aka "OE"
TODO Outlook Express (win) Identification aka "OE"
030916 Pegasus 2.2.1 [1998-07-16] (Mac)
030909 Pegasus-4.12a [2003-06-25] (Win)
note: uses "X-mailer" instead of "X-Mailer". Pegasus is also known as "Pmail".
030910 Pine 4.58 [2003-09-10]
 User-Agent: Pine/4.56 (OS X)
 Message-ID: <>
Pine identifies with "User-Agent:" - or not at all. In this case you need to look at the Message-ID: line which contains info on the kind of system and on the versions of pine.
PMMail 2.20.2661 [2002-10-14] (Win)
PMMail 2.20.2717 [2003-05-30] (Win)
PMMail 2.20.2382 [2003-05-30] (OS/2)
 X-Mailer: PMMail 2.20.2300 for OS/2 Warp 4.5 
os/2, win32. "2661" is the number of the "build". "PMMail 2000 Professional"
030916 PocoMail 3.01 [2003-07-26]
X-Mailer: PocoMail 2.61 (1055) - Licensed Version
X-Mailer: PocoMail 2.6 (1006) - Licensed Version
X-Mailer: PocoMail 2.63 (1077) - Licensed Version
031207 PopOver 2.0.150 [1999-11-13]
 X-Mailer: PopOver 2.0.150 (Mach; i386) 
Mac. no history or release dates. webpage last modified 1999-11-15. dead mailer?
030918 PostMe 3.5 [2003-02-NN]
 X-Mailer: PostMe 3.5 Beta 
only release *month* given. and the site is completely in German.
031011 Postilion 0.9.3c [2000-02-25] HomePage NeXT clone. based on TkRat. UI changes, adds support for MIME, PGP, IMAP+POP, and for mailbox, mh, and virtual folders.
030916 Pronto 2.4.0 [2003-05-25]
 X-Mailer: Pronto v2.2.2 
GPL; GTK+Perl.
031207 Pyne 1.0.0 [2003-10-01]
 X-Mailer: Pyne 1.0.0 (Linux) 
Linux. GPL. Mailer+Newsreader.
QuickMail 4beta [2002-01-24]
QuickMail Pro 3.1.1 [2002-08-30]
Mac+Win. commercial. US$ 5-8 per user.
030917 Sylpheed 0.9.5 [2003-09-02]
 X-Mailer: Sylpheed version 0.7.2 (GTK+ 1.2.10; i686-pc-linux-gnu) 
030917 Sylpheed-Claws 0.9.5 [2003-09-10] ->
 X-Mailer: Sylpheed version 0.9.5 (GTK+ 1.2.10; i586-pc-linux-gnu) 
GPL. GTK+. "Sylpheed Claws is the bleeding edge version of Sylpheed."
030916 TheBat Ver.2.00.6 [2003-09-05] ->
 X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.62i) Business
 X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.00.6) Personal
win. usually referred to as "TheBat" or "TB".
030917 TkRat 2.1.1 [2002-10-30] *no* identification!
unix. gui. "Ratatosk"
030917 Turnpike 6.02 [2003-06-26] ->
commercial. mailer+newsreader.
030918 VivianMail 3.27 [2002-09-01] Identification?
"free" for registered users. English version available - but documentation in German only.
030917 VM (Emacs) 7.17 [2003-07-17]
 X-Mailer: VM 7.14 under 21.4 (patch 13) "Rational FORTRAN" XEmacs Lucid
 X-Mailer: VM 7.17 under Emacs 21.2.1
030918 Voodoo None? Identification?
Amiga. supposedly supports pgp. does this thing really exist?
031207 Wanderlust 2.10.1 [2003-06-21]
 User-Agent: Wanderlust/2.11.20 (Wonderwall) 
030917 XCmail 2.2 [2002-09-28]
 X-Mailer: XCmail 2.3devel - with PGP support, PGP engine version 0.5 (Linux)
030917 XFMail 1.5.4 [2003-02-14]
 X-Mailer: XFMail 1.5.4 on FreeBSD 
030921 xmh -> exmh --- xmh in an X interface to MH.
030917 YAM 2.4p1 [2003-05-27]
 X-Mailer: YAM 2.4 [020] AmigaOS E-mail Client (c) 2000-2003 by YAM Open Source Team - 
030918 Z-Mail [obsolete?]
 X-Mailer: Z-Mail (5.0.0 30July97) 


Mailers to add next:

More Mailers to add (on a rainy day):

TODO (DATE) 4DMail (Mac) Identification
TODO (DATE) Albert (Mac) Identification
TODO (DATE) Amicron-Mailoffice 2.0 Identification
TODO (DATE) AppleMail (Mac)
 X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.552) 
TODO (DATE) Anubis (Unix) Identification
TODO (DATE) binmail http://... aka "/bin/mail" or "mailx".
TODO (DATE) BlueMail Identification?
dos, linux, win, os/2.
TODO (DATE) ClarisEmailer Identification Mac.
TODO (DATE) Direto
 X-Mailer: Direto 3.0 
TODO (DATE) Enamel (BeOS) Identification
TODO (DATE) Entourage
 User-Agent: Microsoft-Entourage/ 
TODO (DATE) Entourage_X Identification
 X-Mailer: EPOC E-Mail Version 2.00 
TODO (DATE) FrogSlapper (Mac) Identification
TODO (DATE) IncrediMail
 X-Mailer: IncrediMail 2001 (2001107.2001107) 
TODO (DATE) GnuMail Identification
TODO (DATE) Grendel Identification
TODO (DATE) InternetAdventurer Identification OS/2.
TODO (DATE) JunkSpy Identification
TODO (DATE) Kaufman Mail Warrior Identification
TODO (DATE) LotusNotes (LN) http://...
 X-Mailer: Lotus Notes Release 5.0.10  March 22, 2002 
TODO (DATE) MagellanPRO Identification
TODO (DATE) Identification
TODO (DATE) MailBeacon Identification Mac.
030922 MailBird 3.23.3 [2002-07-29] win32. 32bit revision of the Trumpet Newsreader. (aka "Trumpet MailBird")
TODO (DATE) MailBulk (Mac) Identification?
TODO (DATE) MailCharm (Mac) Identification?
TODO (DATE) MailXSender http://...
 X-Mailer: MailXSender 1.02 
TODO (DATE) MR/2 (OS/2) Identification?
TODO (DATE) Namera aka Sweetmail Identification?
TODO (DATE) NetMail http://
 X-Mailer: NetMail ModWeb Module 
TODO (DATE) NetTamer Identification?
TODO (DATE) NovellGroupWise http://
 X-Mailer: Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 
TODO (DATE) Noworyta (dos) Identification?
TODO (DATE) npop (
TODO (DATE) npopQ Identification?
TODO (DATE) PMS http://
 X-Mailer: PMS 0.2.19 ( 
TODO (DATE) popcorn Identification?
TODO (DATE) PowerMail (Mac) Identification?
TODO (DATE) PSS http://
 X-Mailer: PSS Bulk Mailer V3.0 
TODO (DATE) Scribe Identification?
TODO (DATE) StreamServe http://
 X-Mailer: StreamServe MailOUT 3.0.1 SP2 Build 197 
TODO (DATE) Ultrafunk http://
 X-Mailer: Ultrafunk Popcorn release 1.24 (06-Sep-2002) 
TODO (DATE) VirtualAccess Identification?
TODO (DATE) WWW-Mail http://
 X-Mailer: WWW-Mail 1.6 (Global Message Exchange) 
TODO (DATE) Zope Identification?
TODO (DATE) ZOË (mac, unix, win) Identification?


030922 cygwin 1.5.5-1 [2003-09-20] linux/unix environment for win32. required eg for mutt on win32. development: CVS and snapshots.
 Hamster [2003-02-19]
 Hamster [2003-08-10] Win32. Offline mail and news server. allows scoring for both. scriptable. by Thomas G. Liesner and others. "Hamster" is the German word for "guinea pig".
030922 KorrNews 4.2 [2003-02-19] win32. a filter for incoming *and* outbound mails and news. used to fix many problems generated by broken clients.
030922 Morver 1.0.305 [2002-04-25] win32. a filter which changes incoming and outbound messages from/to the newsserver. "the wheel-chair for sick windows newsreader"
031014 Outlook-QuoteFix 0.90 [2003-08-05] win32. "Put an end to Outlook's messy quotes with this automated fix!"
030922 Trumpet News dos+win. both newsreader *and* mailer. commercial. got replaced by "Trumpet MailBird".


CHECK WebMailer Name + Version HomePage Comments
 Acmemail 2.2.4 [2002-04-25]
030918 HastyMail 0.5 [2003-09-01] based on PHP 4.1
030918 IMP 3.2.2 [2003-08-27]
 User-Agent: Internet Messaging Program (IMP) 3.2.2 / FreeBSD-4.8 
PHP 4.1.
030922 NeoMail 1.26 [2003--8-15]
 X-Mailer: NeoMail 1.25 
requires Perl5, suidperl, MD5 perl modules.
030918 OpenWebmail 2.10 [2003-06-16] based on Neomail 1.14.
030918 PHPMailer 1.71 [2003-08-05]
030918 SquirrelMail 1.4.1 [2003-07-07]
 X-Mailer: SquirrelMail (version 1.2.10) 
based on PHP4
 UebiMiau 2.7.8 RC1 [2003-07-08]
 UebiMiau 2.7.7     [2002-09-20] based on PHP.
 W3MAIL 1.0.8    [???]
 W3MAIL 2.0beta2 [???]

Web Mail @ companies

Browser required, online editing and sending.

CHECK Web Mail Site HomePage Comments
CHECK Web Mail Site HomePage Comments
 X-Mailer: AOL 7.0 for Windows US sub 10641 
CHECK Bigfoot HomePage Comments
CHECK Bluewin HomePage
 X-Mailer: Bluewin WebMail / BlueMail 
CHECK CommuniGate HomePage
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro Web Mailer v.3.5.9b
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser Interface v.4.1.3
CHECK Compuserve HomePage Comments
CHECK Delphi HomePage Comments
CHECK Earthlink HomePage
 X-Mailer: Earthlink Web Access Mail version 3.0 
CHECK Egroups+Yahoo HomePage Comments
CHECK HomePage Comments
CHECK Excite Webmail HomePage Comments
CHECK HomePage Comments
CHECK GMX (at ch de) HomePage Comments
CHECK HomePage
 X-Mailer: HOME.RO FreeMail v2.1 
CHECK Hotmail HomePage Comments
CHECK Juno HomePage Comments
CHECK Lycos HomePage
 X-Mailer: LycosMail  
CHECK Mirapoint HomePage
 X-Mailer: Mirapoint Webmail Direct 
CHECK MSN HomePage Comments
CHECK Netscape (com net) HomePage Comments
CHECK HomePage Comments
CHECK OpenWebMail HomePage
 X-Mailer: Open WebMail 1.62 20020221 
CHECK Web Mail Site HomePage
CHECK Prodigy HomePage
CHECK Rocketmail HomePage
CHECK HomePage
CHECK T-Online HomePage
 X-Mailer: T-Online eMail 5.00.0017 
CHECK UTA-WebMail HomePage
 X-Mailer: Das Supagummigute UTA-WebMail (version 1.2.7/hekker) 
CHECK HomePage
CHECK HomePage
Message-Id: <>
won't quote message when it was qp-encoded
CHECK Yahoo HomePage
CHECK HomePage


Some newsgroups about mail and mailers.

alt.comp.mail.exim                      The Exim Mailer.
alt.comp.mail.postfix                   The Postfix Mailer.
alt.comp.mail.qmail                     Discussion of the Qmail MTA software.
alt.snail-mail                          Mail sent on paper.  Some people still do that.                            Mail systems, addressing, and etc.                            User- und Transferagents, Maillinks.
bremnet.mailboxwerbung                  BremNet: Regionale Mailboxwerbung (read only)
cern.mail                               Electronic mail at CERN
chi.mail                                Discussion of Chicago area email issues.
comp.mail.elm                           Discussion and fixes for the ELM mail system.
comp.mail.eudora.mac                    Eudora email software for Macintosh.             Eudora email software for MS Windows.
comp.mail.headers                       Gatewayed from the Internet header-people list.
comp.mail.imap                          Discussion of IMAP-based mail systems.
comp.mail.list-admin.policy             Policy issues in running mailing lists.           Software used in the running of mailing lists.                            The UCI version of the Rand Message Handling system.
comp.mail.mime                          Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions of RFC 1341.
comp.mail.misc                          General discussions about computer mail.
comp.mail.multi-media                   Multimedia Mail.
comp.mail.mush                          The Mail User's Shell (MUSH).
comp.mail.mutt                          The Mutt E-Mail Client.
comp.mail.pegasus-mail.misc             Pegasus Mail for DOS and Macs, and Mercury Mail.       Discussion of Pegasus Mail for Windows.
comp.mail.pine                          The PINE mail user agent.
comp.mail.sendmail                      Configuring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.smail                         Administering & using the smail email transport system.
comp.mail.uucp                          Mail in the uucp network environment.
comp.mail.zmail                         The various Z-Mail products and their configurability.                 E-Mail-Missbrauch.
de.comm.provider.mail                   Zugangsunabhaengige E-Mail-Dienste.        Mailreader und Hilfsprogramme.     Pegasus Mail (PMail/WinPMail).     "Mailen mit der Fledermaus"             Mailtransport und -zustellung.           Sonstige Mozilla/Netscape-Themen.        Browser mit der Netscape-Gecko-Engine.       Mail und News auf Basis von Mozilla. Tagesaktuelle, ungetestete Versionen.
opera.operamail                         For discussing the web-based OperaMail
                                            service (not Opera's e-mail client)


downloading and sending of mail explained in two lines:
ISP: POP3 server  ----» HOME: fetchmail --------» MDA --.  MDA: eg procmail,
     SMTP server  «----------------------- MTA «- MUA «-'  or mailfilter.

A complete listing of mailes would probably list the following features:

  • bugs - any severe ones known?

    Eventually, the data on this page will move into a public database with the following entries:

    Database Sample Entry
     1 Number:         000001
     2 SubmittedBy:    Sven Guckes mutt-database(at)
     3 SubmittedDate:  2003-09-22
     4 Name:           mutt
     5 Type:           Mailer
     6 Author:         Michael Elkins       me(at)
     7 Maintainer:     Thomas Roessler      roessler(at)
     8 Source:
     9 Homepage:
    10 Download:
    11 Features:
    12 History:
    13 MailList:
    14 News: 
    15 Newsgroup:      comp.mail.mutt
    16 License:        GPL (URL)
    17 VersionDev:     1.5.4 [2003-03-20]
    18 VersionUser:    1.4.1 [2003-03-19]
    19 Indentifier:    User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.4i
    20 Platforms:      (FreeBSD Linux MacOSX) Unix Win32
    21 Comments:       "man's best friend"

    Mailing List Managers


    distribute              ...
    Ecartis                 ...
    ezmlm (qmail) 
    majordomo               ...
    Press Manager 
    tulp                    ...  3.0.3 1993-04-15 dead? 

    Mail Filters

    hosted on (aka   others:
     1 bayesian MF       7 junkfilter
     2 bogofilter      8 maildrop
     3 mailfilter      9 procmail
     4 razor          10 spambouncer
     5 spambayes     11 spamassassin
     6 spamprobe     12 spamkiller
    CHECK Mail Filter Name+Version HomePage Comments
    031012 bayesian mail filter Comments
    030923 bogofilter 0.15.4 [2003-09-20] Bayesian filter to be used by an MDA. written in C.
    030923 junkfilter 20030115 [2003-01-15] GPL. filter for procmail.
     maildrop 1.6.2 [2003-09-29]
     mailfilter 0.4.0  2002-05-29
     mailfilter 0.5.1  2003-04-12 GPL. checks multiple POP accounts.
     procmail 3.22   [2001-10-09]
     procmail 3.15.2 [2001-07-19] the filter of filters. unusual syntax, but very flexible.
    030923 razor 2.36 [2003-05-16] "Vipul's Razor" is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network. requires Perl and some nine modules.
    030923 spamassassin
    030923 spambouncer
    030923 spamkiller
    030923 spamprobe

    Special Categories

    Mailer Categories

    Obscure and Strange Mailers

    1. AngleMail
       X-Mailer: AngleMail for phpGroupWare ( v 
    2. BulkMailer
    3. CMail
    4. Conex
    5. ColdFusion
    6. DerTagSend ..
       X-Mailer: DerTagSend 0.99c 
    7. DiffondiCool
    8. NetMailer
    9. SoupGate
    10. V3
    11. WebTV

    domains which were used massively for sending spam:

    Misc Thoughts

    HomePage A good program (especially mailers )should have its own homepage - complete with info about all released versions and release dates. And every good program should have its own domain name.

    several free programs are hosted by some site like (eg aethera, anubis, mahogany, sylpheed-claws), but some are simply subjected to the name of the company which maintains it (4dmail, albert, execmail, mulberry, the_bat, xcmail). they are simply regarded as "projects" within a company so their homepage gets a subaddress for that company's website. i wonder why this has to be when every page shows the company name+logo, anyway. rather than giving it some extra directory on the webserver where the domain name of the company comes first, i'd suggest to add an alias hostname like with "".

    TkRat does not identify with any X-Mailer header "Because I [the maintainer] haven't felt that it is important enough to spend the time needed to implement it." * well, Spamassassin gives bonus points for mailers which are known to be used by sensible people. So - no bonus points for TkRat there.


    linux software and linux documentation for all your needs :
    A huge compilation of program associated with email on Linux.

    MailClients - - Linux Wiki und Freie Software
    Comparison of free mail clients for linux. compared features: display, mailbox formats, remote folder (imap+pop); mail transfer; identities/roles; support for mailling lists, text/html, pgp, smime, and nntp. Mutt, Cone, KMail, Evolution, Balsa, sylpheed, Mozilla. [2003-09-21]

    Email client - Wikipedia
    Widely used email clients listed by operating system.

    How to Get Full Headers in Your Software
    A list of HOWTOs for about 50 mailers for changing the display such that you can see *all* header lines of messages. [2003-09-21]

    Encyclopedia: Email client
    list of some widely used email clients, in alphabetical order by operating system.

    Mail Client Capabilities: PGP-related
    Overview to mailers supporting PGP or PGP/MIME.

    eMailman(sm) -- Unix/Linux mail clients

    Internet & Networking / E-Mail / Clients
    Pine, Elmo, Sylpheed, Balsa, Evolution, W3Mail, MultiMail, Exmh, Mutt, BlueMail, Mahogany.

    Email - Past issues of weekly features

    Overview Newsreaders
    The 50 most popular newsreaders/newsmailer programs (sorted by popularity).

    Zanshin resources

    Free Software Directory: Mail clients
    Listings of email related programs with their license (GPL, GPL2, GPL2+).

    pi's Mail-Einführung (Software)

    Statistics Newsreader Usage Stats

    Postingstatistik fuer de.* 08.2003
    Posting statistics for the de.* newsgroup hierarchy based on info from "User-Agent|X-Newsreader|X-Mailer". almost 30% OE, 20% Mozilla, 13.5% FA, 8% unsigned, 4% XNews, 4% KNode, 3.7% slrn, 3% MacSOUP, 3% 40tude_Dialog, 3% Gnus, 2.5% tin, 2,4% FFA, 1.8% Hamster, 1.25% XP (CrossPoint), 1.15% Pan.

    xmailer mail stats
    A page with X-Mailer identifiers. by Phil Hollenback (philiph at pobox dot com)

    Technical Aspects of Mailers

    PGP, IMAP, POP...

    [features] Mail-Client Comparison
    A comparison of UNIX MUAs with IMAP support. (last update on 2002-12-22) by Hein Röhrig hein(at)

    [headers] Buzz - Programming: X-Mailer headers
    "I just wrote a script to scan my email folder for [indexing mailers by X-Mailer]. I tried to filter out version numbers properly, but I didn't do a great job, came up with about 1000 different mailers. Of course it would be more interesting to break them down by date." --Kee Hinckley - Somewhere.Com, LLC nazgul(at)

    xmailer mail stats
    A page with X-Mailer identifiers. by Phil Hollenback (philiph at pobox dot com)

    [imap] The IMAP Connection -- Products Supporting IMAP
    100+ entries!

    [security] GnuPG / PGP modules and plugins (OpenPGP for all)

    [security] Mail readers with PGP/MIME RFC 2015 / RFC 3156 support
    Roland Rosenfeld roland(at)

    [security] sichere E-Mail-Clients mit PGP/MIME
    "secure e-mail clients supporting PGP/MIME" by Martin Bretschneider An overview to 25 clients, their platforms, and links to plugins.

    [security] GnuPG FAQ
    This FAQ includes a list of mailers which support GnuPG. by David D. Scribner

    Filtering Spam

    What to do about Spam - Part 2 - Filtering
    by Myles White 1997 [2003-09-23]

    Similar Pages

    Overview to homepages of shells with their latest version, supported standards, and some links to good pages. - by Georg Neis. [030923: ash, bash, bsh, cash, ccsh, csh, dash, es, esh, ksh, osh, pdksh, psh, rc, sach, scsh, sh, tcsh, zsh.]

    An overview to terminals. by Sven Guckes

    Text Tools Versions
    An overview to text tools and their current versions. by Sven Guckes


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