= VimConf 2020 Conference =

  home: https://www.vimconf.live/
  date: 2020-09-05+06 Sat+Sun
  orga: @VimConflive www.vimconf.live
  tags: #vimconf #neovim #onivim #vim #editor and #hjkl - and:
        #git #linux #lua #opensource #typescript #twitch #youtube
  chat: discord:  https://discord.gg/Cz9J4ZD -> https://discord.com/invite/Cz9J4ZD
        hopin.to: https://app.hopin.to/events/vimconf-live/reception
        IRC:      https://webchat.freenode.net/#vimconf

  topics: the Future, the Plugins, your Questions, your Solutions.
    configurations, mappings, efficiency and *speed*!
  start_Sat:  PST  9:00, GMT 17:00, CEST 18:00, JST 23:00.
  start_Sun:  PST 05:00, GMT 13:00, CEST 14:00, JST 19:00.

let's continue talking about the conference on IRC:

= Schedule =

Date0      Channel  from - unto  Name                Title
Mon Aug03  stage    16:00 20:00  Workshop sync

Day1, Saturday 2020-09-05
Date       Channel  from - unto  Name                Title
Sat Sep05  Stage    18:00 18:15  Primeagen           Kick-off with The Primeagen
Sat Sep05  Stage    18:15 18:30  Adam Ben-David (ABD)Keynote
Sat Sep05  Stage    18:35 19:05  Nikola Đuza         How Did Vim Become So Popular
Sat Sep05  Session  19:10 19:40  Commander Candy     Vim as a Word Processor
Sat Sep05  Stage    19:10 19:40  TJ DeVries          Why did Neovim choose Lua?
Sat Sep05  Session  19:45 20:15  Greg Hurrell        Sharpening the axe
Sat Sep05  Stage    19:45 20:15  Leeren Chang        Jumpstarting Vim to an IDE
Sat Sep05  Session  20:20 20:50  Jeremy Kahn         Giving Vim Superpowers
Sat Sep05  Stage    20:20 20:50  ThePrimeagen        Vim Speed
Sat Sep05  Stage    20:55 21:25  Matt Boehm          Learning Vim: the Path to Mastery
Sat Sep05  Session  20:55 21:25  Björn Linse         Neovim 0.5: a vision
Sat Sep05  Stage    21:30 21:40  ThePrimeagen        Closing remarks Day 1

Day2, Sunday 2020-09-06
PST  GMT   CEST  JST   durat  Channel  Name                Title
5:00 12:00 14:00 19:00 15min  Stage    Primagen            Kick-off
5:20 12:20 14:20 19:20 30min  Stage    Oliver Caldwell     Conversational Development: What, Why and How
5:55 12:55 14:55 19:55 30min  Stage    Thomas Vigouroux    From user to contributor
6:30 13:30 15:30 20:30 30min  Stage    David Begin         Vim isn't an Editor it's an Instrument
6:30 13:30 15:30 20:30 30min  Sessions Ashkan Kiani        What can't you do in Neovim?
7:05 14:05 16:05 21:05 30min  Stage    Prabir Shrestha     Learning VimScript
7:05 14:05 16:05 21:05 30min  Sessions TJ DeVries          Neovim Builtin LSP
7:40 14:40 16:40 21:40 30min  Stage    Maria Hernandez     Putting the Neo in NeoVim
8:15 15:15 17:15 22:15 30min  Stage    Shreyansh Chouhan   My Open-source summer experience
8:15 15:15 17:15 22:15 30min  Sessions Bryan Phelps        Onivim : Modal Editing from the Future
8:50 15:50 17:50 22:50 10min  Stage    ThePrimeagen        Event closing

= Speaker =

TODO add links to their talks and slides

FistName       LastName       Twitter          Affiliation/Description                    bsite
David          Begin          @beginbotbot     python, ruby, neovim, zsh, terraform, arch
Adam           Ben-David      @ABawesomed      Vimconf Lead Event organizer
Matt           Boehm          @MattBoehm       Vim Lover at Novetta
Oliver         Caldwell       @OliverCaldwell  Conjure
Commander      Candy          @codingCommander YouTuber & Educator
Leeren         Chang          @leeren          Enginerr at Google
Shreyansh      Chouhan        @BK1603          NeoVim GSOC alumi 2020                     tps://github.com/BK1603
TJ             DeVries        @TeejDeVries     NeoVim Code Dev
Nikola         Đuza           @nikolalsvk      Writer & Engineer
Maria          Hernandez      @sequethin       Staff Software Engineer @Etsy
Greg           Hurrell        @wincent         screencasts on vim
Jeremy         Kahn           @jeremyckahn     Streamer & Vim Evangelist
Ashkan         Kiani          @ashkankiani93   NeoVim Code Dev
Björn          Linse          @bfredlbfredl    Neovim nvim-ipy Neovim.jl
Bryan          Phelps         @bryphe          Creator of @Onivim onivim.github.io
Prabir         Shrestha       @PrabirShrestha  Engineering Manager @MSPowerAutomate
Primeagen      .              @ThePrimagen     Engineer at Netflix
Thomas         Vigouroux      @vigoux          Treesitter Dev @NeoVim

= Talks/Videos =

recordings: Adam Ben-David (Organiser) says:
"we will be uploading all videos and slides to the
 conf site: vimconf.live after the event concludes."

= Download =

installing youtube-dl from the repository:
$ apt-get install pandoc  # youtube-dl needs this
$ git clone https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl.git
$ cd youtube-dl; time make; time sudo make install
$ youtube-dl --version # just checking ;-)

here is the VimConf 2020 channel with all the videos:

using a nice output template:

the format:
%(upload_date)s yyyymmdd of upload
%(id)s          the id (11 characters)
%(duration)s    duration in seconds
%(title)s       title
%(ext)s         extension

downloading the playlist (2020-09-08 13 videos) using the alias YD:
$ time YD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPK_UHtbfcWABCi0F0GPG6w

now download all videos in the playlist with this format:
youtube-dl --restrict-filenames -f 18 $TEMPLATE -o $LIST

should result in this list:
  42292674 Sep  5 21:06 20200905.iEShYRRVZOE.1574.Vim_94_-_Sharpening_the_Axe_VimConf_2020.mp4
  54203965 Sep  6 11:30 20200905.tCktGgPQ3D0.1672.VimConf.live_-_Vim_Speed_and_Excellence.mp4
  71969061 Sep  7 18:32 20200906.EJqnWXDJZr0.2298.Vim_Is_Not_An_Editor_It_s_An_Instrument.mp4
 167847518 Sep  8 00:02 20200906.Gs1VDYnS-Ac.3990.Vim_-_Vim_as_an_IDE_VimConf_2020_Talk.mp4
  17827159 Sep  6 12:04 20200906.KLS6MyTGUQQ.608.Vimconf_Live_Keynote_2020.mp4
  29304805 Sep  7 20:00 20200907.FVgp0VrNo2w.1576.How_Did_Vim_Become_So_Popular_-_VimConf_2020.mp4
  46377081 Sep  7 18:55 20200907.FxDBdbuvcU8.2200.@bfredl_talks_about_doing_the_work_of_doing_neovim_0.5_for_xmas.mp4
  49275519 Sep  8 18:59 20200907.RU28xy9JXxs.2641.Conversational_Software_Development_-_What_Why_and_How.mp4
  55330535 Sep  7 20:30 20200907.SZ-xHGD7sMc.2104.Learning_Vim_-_The_Path_to_Mastery_Vim_Conf_2020_Matt_Boehm.mp4
  50171206 Sep  7 19:54 20200907.xf0yYLj4AJI.1746.Giving_Vim_Superpowers.mp4
  34920846 Sep  8 11:28 20200908.0ceR0pCPLNw.2104.My_OpenSource_Summer_Experience_Vimconf_2020.mp4
  41262659 Sep  8 18:45 20200908.78WrSwEKNuM.1730.What_can_t_you_do_in_Neovim_VimConf.live_2020.mp4
  44399268 Sep  8 12:23 20200908.EReNOGuMBmo.2293.From_User_to_Contributor_VimConf.live_2020.mp4

673MB in total.  enjoy! :-)

you might want to use this format for futher downloads:
alias YD='noglob youtube-dl --restrict-filenames -f 18 -o \
now download videos with:  YD $URL

= Summary =

speakers and a bit of their data:
accounts: gitter+twitter,
channels: twitch+youtube,
slides+video: whereever,youtube.
all plugins and setupfiles are usually
to be found on githib and the website.

Name:    TJ DeVries
Twitter: @TeejDeVries
GitHub:  github.com/tjdevries
Slides:  .
Twitch:  twitch.tv/teej_dv
Video:   .
Website: .

Name:    David Begin
Twitter: @beginbotbot
Slides:  https://gitlab.com/beginbot/vim-is-an-instrument
Twitch:  https://twitch.tv/beginbot
Video:   https://youtube.com/watch?v=EJqnWXDJZr0 Vim Is Not An Editor, It's An Instrument!
Youtube: .
Website: https://davidbegin.com

Name:    Adam Ben-David (Vimconf Lead Event organizer)
Twitter: @ABawesomed
GitHub:  https://github.com/AdamBD
Slides:  .
Video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLS6MyTGUQQ Key Note
Youtube: .
Website: .

Name:    Matt Boehm
Twitter: @MattBoehm

Name:    Oliver Caldwell
Twitter: @OliverCaldwell
GitHub:  https://github.com/Olical
Slides:  https://youtu.be/RU28xy9JXxs https://github.com/Olical/conjure
Video:   .
Youtube: .
Website: https://oli.me.uk

Name:    Commander Candy
Twitter: @codingCommander

Name:    Leeren Chang
Twitter: @leeren
GitHub:  https://github.com/leeren
Slides:  https://bit.ly/3333acP
Video:   .
Youtube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gs1VDYnS-Ac
Talk:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs1VDYnS-Ac Vim as an IDE
Website: .

Name:    Shreyansh Chouhan
Twitter: @BK1603
GitHub:  https://github.com/BK1603
Slides:  .
Video:   .
Youtube: .
Website: .

Name:    Nikola Đuza
Twitter: @nikolalsvk
GitHub:  https://github.com/nikolalsvk
Slides:  https://slides.com/nikolalsvk/popular-vim
Video:   https://youtu.be/K3SfTWDHvfI
Talk:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVgp0VrNo2w How did Vim become so popular?
Website: https://pragmaticpineapple.com

Name:    Maria Hernandez
Twitter: @sequethin
GitHub:  .
Slides:  .
Video:   .
Youtube: .
Website: .

Name:    Greg Hurrell
Twitter: @wincent
GitHub:  https://github.com/wincent/wincent
Slides:  https://wincent.com/blog/sharpening-the-axe
Video:   https://wincent.com/j/vim-screencasts
Talk:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEShYRRVZOE Sharpening the Axe
Website: ...

Name:    Jeremy Kahn
Twitter: @jeremyckahn
GitHub:  https://github.com/jeremyckahn
Slides:  https://github.com/jeremyckahn/vim-docker-env
Twitch:  https://twitch.tv/jeremyckahn
YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/jeremyckahn/
         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf0yYLj4AJI Giving Vim Superpowers

Name:    Ashkan Kiani
Twitter: @ashkankiani93
GitHub:  https://github.com/norcalli
Slides:  .
Twitch:  https://twitch.tv/ashkankiani
Youtube: .
Website: www.kiani.io

Name:    Björn Linse
Twitter: @bfredlbfredl
GitHub:  https://github.com/bfredl
Slides:  https://github.com/bfredl/bfredl.github.io/blob/master/docs/pres/pres.lua
Video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxDBdbuvcU8 Neovim 0.5: a vision
Youtube: .
Website: .

Name:    Bryan Phelps
Twitter: @bryphe
GitHub:  .
Slides:  .
Video:   .
Youtube: .
Website: .

Name:    Prabir Shrestha
Twitter: @PrabirShrestha
GitHub:  .
Slides:  .
Video:   .
Youtube: .
Website: .

Name:    Primeagen
Twitter: @ThePrimagen
GitHub:  .
Slides:  .
Twitch:  https://twitch.tv/ThePrimeagen
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ENHE5xdFSwx71u3fDH5Xw
Talk:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCktGgPQ3D0& Vim Speed and Excellence
Website: .

Name:    Thomas Vigouroux
Twitter: @vigoux
Gitter:  https://gitter.im/nvim-treesitter/
GitHub:  https://github.com/vigoux
Slides:  .
Video:   .
Youtube: .
Website: .

= Channels =

Video channels on Twitch and YouTube:

* https://www.twitch.tv/ashkankiani Ashkan Kiani
* https://www.twitch.tv/beginbot    David Begin
* https://www.twitch.tv/jeremyckahn Jeremy Kahn
* https://www.twitch.tv/primeagen   ThePrimeagen
* https://www.twitch.tv/ttej_dv     TJ DeVries

* Greg Hurrell https://youtube.com/c/GregHurrell

= Sponsors =

hopin.to       virtual conference platform
Novetta        https://www.novetta.com/careers/
Onivim         https://v2.onivim.io/
VimTricks      https://vimtricks.com/ @Vim_tricks  Andy+Colin

= Participants =

if you are attending the conference online and
you like to get into contact with others then
you can be listed here. just tell me (@guckes).

* Sven Guckes @guckes www.guckes.net
  screenshot during my editing session of this page:

more media: @gnulinuxnews @OSBNfeed
and  bots: @GentooBot @Linuxbot @LinuxDreams

@vimcasts     by @nelstrom Drew Neil. Regular free screencasts about Vim
@MasteringVim by @jovica
@learnvim     by @iggredible

= Articles =

VimConf is an international conference on Vim and has been
running since 2013 in Japan.  organized by ujihisa @ujm and @vim_jp
VimConf 2019 took place at Akiba Hall in Akiba Plaza,
Tokyo, Japan, on 2019-11-03. https://vimconf.org/2019
see also the blog at https://vimconf.wordpress.com/

the VimConf 2020, scheduled for 2020-11-22,
was cancelled on 2020-05-25 due to COVID-19.

Vim-Galore - everything you need to know about Vim
https://github.com/mhinz Marco Hinz @_mhinz_

Vimmer Artwork
by Tommy Allen @cloudsiphon

ical/ics source for agenda:
https://tinyurl.com/vimconf ->

Introduction to the Command Line (book)

add agenda/Session  schedule to google calendar:
https://tinStage    yurl.com/vimconf2020-googlecal ->

= Tweets =

2020-09-05+06 Sat+Sun VimConf www.vimconf.live
#vimconf #neovim #vim #editor #linux
http://www.guckes.net/vimconf/schedule.html colour! :)

2020-09-05+06 Sat+Sun
#Vim Conference www.vimconf.live #vimconf
2020-09-05 16:30 "959 people attending" - w00t!
(alas, an account at hopin.to is required to watch)
@gnulinuxnews @OSBNfeed @Linuxbot @LinuxDreams
#neovim #editor #linux

home: https://www.vimconf.live/
date: 2020-09-05+06 Sat+Sun
orga: @VimConflive www.vimconf.live
tags: #vimconf #neovim #vim #editor #linux
chat: https://discord.gg/Cz9J4ZD
start: PST 9:00, JST 23:00, GMT 17:00, CEST 18:00.
agenda: http://www.guckes.net/vimconf/schedule.html

#vimconf https://www.vimconf.live/ Sat+Sun Sep5+6 2020
#neovim #onivim #vim #editor #linux
Sunday: PST 05:00, GMT 13:00, CEST 14:00, JST 19:00.
agenda: http://www.guckes.net/vimconf/schedule.html
@gnulinuxnews @OSBNfeed @VimConflive
@GentooBot @Linuxbot @LinuxDreams

#VimConf speakers:
@ABawesomed @ashkankiani93 @beginbotbot @bfredlbfredl
@BK1603 @bryphe @codingCommander @jeremyckahn @leeren
@MattBoehm @nikolalsvk @OliverCaldwell @PrabirShrestha
@sequethin @TeejDeVries @ThePrimagen @vigoux @wincent
please post links to your github,slides,video(twitch,youtube)
-> http://www.guckes.net/vimconf/schedule.html

#vimconf is over.  now what?  talk about the talks?
you can do this via IRC on #freenode right here:
#neovim #onivim #vim #editor #linux
@gnulinuxnews @OSBNfeed @VimConflive
@GentooBot @Linuxbot @LinuxDreams

#vimconf is over.  schedule updated:
let's talk about this+more on the IRC channel:
#neovim #onivim #vim #editor #linux
@gnulinuxnews @OSBNfeed @VimConflive
@GentooBot @Linuxbot @LinuxDreams

#VimConf2020 download playlist:
youtube-dl --restrict-filenames -f 18 $TEMPLATE -o $LIST

= Vim flavors =
NeoVim    https://neovim.io
MacVim    https://github.com/macvim-dev
SpaceVim  https://github.com/SpaceVim/SpaceVim @SpaceVim spacevim.org
Janus     https://github.com/carlhuda/janus
spf-13    https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim

= this page =
http://www.guckes.net/vimconf/schedule.txt  source
http://www.guckes.net/vimconf/schedule.html colour! :)
Latest change: Tue Sep 08 23:23:23 CEST 2020
typed by: Sven Guckes vimconf2020@guckes.net @guckes

Help wanted!
please send me some feedback on this page.
about its structure, contents, coloring.
more links to are needed, eg to
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please send them - thanks!

= Author =

Sven @Guckes www.guckes.net, Berlin.de
a vim user since the beginning (1991, Fred Fish disk),
gathered info on comp.editors and put these onto his
webpage while at university, eg a minimal setup file:
later shortened its URL by registering a domain for it.

he lives in berlin.de within a terminal state
(pun intended) - within GNU screen+vim+zsh. ;)
attending the conference from the ISP IN-Berlin:
which is also the venu for more communities,
such as the eLab, BTUG, vintage computers,
TAILS users, and vimberlin, of course.