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Vi Pages - Free Unix Distributions and their Vi Versions

A simple overview of the Vi versions included on the CDs of free Unix distributions:

NOTE: The editors "ae", "ted", and "emacs" are listed also as they all have "vi modes".

Please help me with compiling the data for this table as I do not have all distributions (especially not the old ones ;-). Thanks!


Word Definition
Binary/Default The programs gets installed by default with the minimal system.
Contrib The program is shipped as a package - but within a separate package tree.
Package The program is provided with special files that allow an easy installation. There is a maintainer of the package who is taking care that the package installs well.
Source The program is provided with complete source, but it is not "packaged" yet. You need to know how to install this program yourself by reading the info provided with the source files. This is a do-it-yourself program.


DistName		viclone		binaries/package/sources?
Version		Date	+Version
=============	=====	========	=========================

FreeBSD 4.0 [990820]
4.0-CURRENT	.	no elvis
4.0-CURRENT	.	nvi-1.79
4.0-CURRENT	.	vile-8.2
4.0-CURRENT	.	vim-5.4.33

NetBSD 1.4.2
1.4.2	000321	nvi-1.79

2.1	970702	nvi-1.79
2.1	970702	vim-4.5,
2.2	971204	nvi-1.79
2.3	980519	nvi-1.79
2.4	981201	nvi-1.79

DistName	viclone		binary	package	source
Version &Date	&Version
=============	========	=========================

Linux Debian
Debian 2.0r3		??????	ae-9602		binary	package
Debian 2.0r3		??????	elvis		[not included]
Debian 2.0r3		??????	emacs-19.34		package
Debian 2.0r3		??????	emacs-20.4		package
Debian 2.0r3		??????	nvi-1.79	binary	package
Debian 2.0r3		??????	ted		[not included]
Debian 2.0r3		??????	vile		[not included]
Debian 2.0r3		??????	vim-5.0			package	source
Debian 2.0r3		??????	vim-5.3					"unstable"

Linux Mandrake

Linux RedHat
Linux RedHat
6.0		vim-5.3
6.1		vim-5.6.12
6.2		???

Linux SuSE
5.3		vim-5.3
5.3		vim-4.6 and gvim-4.5
6.x		???
7.2		???

Note: The "default Vi" on these Unixes are as follows:
	Debian		nvi
	FreeBSD		nvi
	NetBSD		nvi
	OpenBSD		nvi
	RedHat-5.3	vim
	SuSe		vim


Thanks for the info! :-)
Debian-2.0		George R. Young		
Debian-2.0r3		J.H.M. Dassen		
FreeBSD			Josh Howard		
FreeBSD			Christian Weisgerber	
FreeBSD and MP-RAS	Gabor			
NetBSD			Brad Thompson		
RedHat			Randall W. Hron		
RedHat			Zdenek Pytela		


Christian Weisgerber has made an elvis-2.1.3 port for FreeBSD.

nvi-1.79 has been a long-standing version number but which has obviously been patched for FreeBSD; nvi-1.79 has been with FreeBSD since FreeBSD-2.2.

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