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Vi Pages - TODO

Some ideas and new links go here first. Will have to think where to put them..

[Powered by UNIX vi] - vi Editor Resources [001004]

Editing Scheme files in Vi [001004]
Author: Dorai Sitaram

More About vi [001004,010113]
Author: Paul Dunne

cvi [TODO]
"Chinese VI"
Info on its exitence was given by Steve Bao [000428]

stevie [DATE] [TODO]
OS: [OS/2]
Cost: ???
Author/Copyright: NAME MAIL
SnailMail: ???
Home Page: URL
Download: URL
Maillist: ADDRESS
Last release: VERSION [DATE]
Last beta: VERSION [DATE]

vip [TODO]

Hex Editors for Linux [000317]
beav, bed, bvi, elvis, fb, fm, ghex, hexdump, hexed, hexedit, hexer, hextype, khexedit, le, lde, mcedit, ncurses hexedit, vche, and xvi.

Vide - a GUI file browser with vi commands [000309]
Description (official): Vide is a simple filemanager with vi keybindings. If you already use vim, Vide enables you to have complete keyboard control over your filemanager without having to learn a new set of commands.
Description (unofficial): A GUI file browser with vi keybindings: Movements with "hjkl" as well as 'g' adn 'G', scrolling with CTRL-B and CTRL-F, and vi command line interface [:d, :co, :move, :quit, :shell]
Requires: GTK+ (1.2 with threads support), and Vim.
Planned features: Number prefix for commands, selection in "visual mode", configurable key bindings and menus.
Comments: Why does it need a GUI?

POSIX on ex and vi [010320] [010320]
Add info about POSIX description of vi commands to the comparison page about the "options".

Vi emulation in CRiSP [990712]
The editor CRiSP (commercial follow-up to the editor BRIEF) has a "vi emulation mode". Anyone using this? Feedback, please!
Have sent email to Bryan Althaus who is apparently using this. [990712]

Vi for Japanese - a list of ported clones. [980430]

Premia CodeWrite - vi emulation
Doug Kellogg [980417] is using it: "It is up to version 5.1 and is published by Premia in Portland, Oregon, USA ( and is descended from the Sage Programmers Editor (SPE) from what was Polytron and is now Sage, also of Portland."
Charlie Guttenberg informed me [980414]: "Codewright is a programmer's editor made by the Premia Corp. Besides basic editing, it can tie into whatever sccs and build environments you may have. The version we have, V3.1e (1995), supports emulation of four editors: CUA, Epsilon, Brief, and good old vi."
Prepare Codewright HomePage:

Marketed by "Little Wing": Little Wing / 4618 JFK Blvd, Suite 176 / North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116 / (501)771-2408
Supports most of vi commands. Free demo disk available.

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