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Vi Pages - Picture Gallery

[vim powered]

Vi is a text editor. You cannot draw pictures with it as it does not give you visual feedback on colours. However, some vi clones have a GUI (graphic user interface) and support for colour. Naturally, the layouts differ on various screens.

These pages has links to some screen shots to give you an idea on the design of those various clones.

2010-03-31: The pictures on this page were lost due to some unfortunate 'backup' to some external hard drive. So.. no pictures. sorry. well.. except the one from Kevin G. Austin in only 114 bytes! vipowered

Vi Pictures - Overview

icons and logos | [The Vi clones:] calvin | elvis | lemmy | MacElvis | nvi | stevie | vile | VIM | vip | xemacs viper | miscellaneous | Links | What's New?

Vi Pictures - Icons and Logos

Vi Logos

Logo Description
Lovingly Handrafted
Title:     "Lovingly Handrafted"
Size:      only 675 bytes!
Creator:   David Fischer
Added:     000829
The text on the button says: "This HTML lovingly handcrafted using vi" and it was created from a PostScript source. So this is the only buttons which was truly "designed with vim". ;-)
Created with vi - 'Old school'
Title:     "Created with vi - 'old school'"
Size:      1317 in bytes
Creator:   Steve Cirian
Added:     000726
Title "vipowered"
Size Only 114 bytes!
Creator Kevin G. Austin kaustin(at)sffan(dot)net
Added 2010-03-31
Notes The smallest vi icon so far!

Vi Powered (anim)

Title "Powered by VI (animated)"
Size [88x31] 5K
Creator Rui Silva
Added 990302

VI - Powered By

Title "Powered by VI"
Size 503 bytes
Creator Rui Miguel Silva Seabra
Added 970413
Notes: "Vi - powered by" is in the style of those other "powered by" pictures, ie a logo followed by the "powered by" text.

VI Powered

Title "VI Powered (by Sven)"
Size only 214 bytes !
Creator Sven Guckes
Added 970413
Notes: This logo is based on Rui Silva's logo - only this logo is much much smaller. A sort of "minimalistic icon". ;-)

Designed with VI

Title "Designed with VI"
Size only 441 bytes!
Creator: Mike VanHorn
Added 971118
Notes: Mike has made some icons for other editors, too:

    Made With vi

    Title: "Made With vi"
    Size: 35,942 bytes
    Creator: Paul Sherren
    Added: 990105
    Notes: An animated GIF on a square black background. The "vi" ticks from left to right.


    Title: "Vi"
    Size: only 998 bytes!
    Creator Sven Guckes
    Added 980130
    Notes: GIF89a - despeckled, interlaced, and transparent background. Taken from the "vi" picture of Jim Kingdon

    made with vi

    Title: "made with vi"
    Size: only 761 bytes!
    Creator: Alex Shnitman
    Added: 971122

    This Site vi powered

    Title: "This Site vi powered"
    Size: 1310 bytes
    Creator: Antonio Valle
    Added: long ago

    written in vi

    Title: "written in the vi editor"
    Size: 5815 bytes
    Creator: Dr. Nick
    Added 980105
    Notes: Animated Picture showing "written in the vi editor" with a world revolving into a 'v' on red background.

    the VI editor

    Title: "the VI editor"
    Size: 5655 bytes
    Creator: I forget. ;-(
    Added: 970207
    Notes The text "the VI editor" in a nice cursive font.

    vi - The Ubiquitous Editor

    Title: "vi - The Ubiquitous Editor"
    Size: 21201 bytes
    Creator: David Lee Heyman
    Added: 970207,970418
    Description: A big "vi" and the text "The Ubiquitous Editor" in yellow letters embossed on blue metal plate.
            ubiq-ui-tous \y:u-'bik-wet-es\ adj
            :existing or being everywhere at the same time:
            :constantly encountered:
            -- ubiq-ui-tous-ly adv
            -- ubiq-ui-tous-ness n

    Variations of the "Vi Logo":

    vi (big)

    Title: "Vi"
    Size: 9815 bytes
    Creator Jim Kingdon
    Added: 980130
    Notes: Taken from the picture of David Lee Heyman

    Vi Lover GIF

    Title "Vi Lover GIF"
    Size 7719 bytes
    Creator Charles Vidal
    Added [980130,980213]

  • Vi Clones Logos

    Vile Icons

    [picture: Designed with Vile (2K)]
    Title Designed with Vile (2K)
    Size 2572 bytes
    Creator Shawn Halpenny
    Added 971006

    VIM Pictures -> Extra Page

    The screenshots for vim have outnumbered those of the other clones - so I had to move them back onto their own page:

    And everything you want to know about VIM is on the VIM Pages:


    The main distribution site for Elvis is:
    Creator: Steve Kirkendall
    Title: Elvis 2.0
    Elvis 2.0 gif (16828 bytes)
    Elvis 2.0 creates a separate top-level application window for each editor window. This example shows some C source being edited, in the "syntax c" display mode. The stripe across the top of the window is a user-configurable toolbar. The red rectangle near the lower-left corner is the cursor. In a real elvis window it flashes, and it changes shape to indicate the current mode (rectangle=command, bar=insert, underscore=replace). The scrollbar is NOT a Motif scrollbar, but an incredible simulation.


    [picture: MacElvis on MacOS (GIF, 7K)]
    "MacElvis on MacOS"
    Creator: Alain Mellan [970516]
    Alain is working on a Macintosh port for elvis-2.1 right now.


    Creator: [NAME] [961004]
    Title: Lemmy 1.0 with syntax highlighting
    Lemmy 1.0 with syntax highlighting (gif 9407 bytes)
    "This is a GIF of Lemmy version 1.0, with C/C++ highlighting. The menus across the top, provide options consistent with Windows applications. The status bar at the bottom tells you the edit mode, current line/total lines and current column. Lastly, whether or not your edits have been saved with a message indicating either New, Current or Modified."


    TODO: Add the following pages to the appropriate section.

    Thumbnail Description
    XEmacs Viper Mode (thumbnail)
    Title   "XEmacs Viper Mode"
    Size    14043 bytes
    Creator Hrvoje Niksic
    Added   961205?
    Date    [961126,961205]
    Notes:  "Viper" is a mode in XEmacs that implements Vi.
                    Buttons and color.
    GUI Emacs - Vi mode - thumbnail
    Title   "GUI Emacs - Vi mode"
    Size    14919 bytes
    Creator raul segura acevedo
    Added   970605
    Notes:  raul says:
    "note gui emacs is not xemacs, this one is another program.
     note the banner in the left bottom saying "----Vi"
     where normally it says "-----Emacs"."
    Vile Bita Testeur (thumbnail)
    Title   "Vile Bita Testeur GIF"
    Size    26293 bytes
    Creator Charles Vidal
    Added   960821 [980213]

    Links to other pictures on the net

    Vim on Jano's Desktop [970919]
    Author Jan van Hemert
    Note There's Vim on his desktop - try to spot it! ;-)

    Vi Pictures - News

    This site VI powered (gif; 1310 bytes)

    TODO - Please Help!

    Add screenshots for nvi, stevie, vile, and vip. If you can provide any then please let me know!

    VI Powered by Sven
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