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Vi Pages - Folklore

As with every good program which has been around for quite somne years there is a good deal of folklore to go with it. Enjoy!

Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix [001010]
From AT&T-Owned to Freely Redistributable
"With the arrival of some ADM-3a terminals offering screen-addressable cursors, Joy was finally able to write vi, bringing screen-based editing to Berkeley."
Author: Marshall Kirk McKusick
A chapter taken from the book Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution .

Addicted to Vi
New text to the song "Addicted to Love" (by Robert Palmer) "You know you're gonna have to face it; You're addicted to vi!"

The "true" story of vi [defunct]
A fun story about Vi.

Quines [970630,990202]
Q: What is a quine?
A: "a series of vi keystrokes that when typed in vi produce output the same as the keystrokes."
Example: ii^V^V^V^[BDuplxbbpp^[BDuplxbbpp
Author: Rodney
I am pretty sure the author is looking for more quines - especially shorter ones.
More Quines: [990202]

The Cult of Vi
Vi is a cult. (What else is new?)

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