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Vi Pages - Documentation

There are quite a number of documents about Vi. However, you may not yet know about these:

Online Documentation (HTML) - outbound

The VI Lovers Home Page [990611]
A dedicated fan of Vi who set up a dedicated page which has become quite popular. (I guess this page has a good title :-).
Author: Thomer M. Gil tmgil(at)

Google Directory [010814]

GO Network: Vi Text Editor [000901]
Search > Technology > Software > By type > Text editors > Vi
No link to this page. :-(

MetaSpider [001229]

Yahoo's page about Vi:
Home > Computers and Internet > Software > Text Editors
Mostly defunct links. :-( Yahoo should check those links more often!

First Steps: VI [010307]
Intro, Commands, Practise Lesson #1, Startup File, Practise Lesson #2, Editing Multiple Files, Using Named Buffers, Macros.
Author: Tony Porczyk tony(at)

"Just enough vi editor commands to survive" [000801]
Author: Brent Smith simpleeqbest(at)
This text is meant to be "as small and basic as possible".

"Vi for New Users" [000613]
Article in "Printer Friendly Format":
Author: Eric "paradox" Sun eric(at)

(Yet another) "Vi Intro" [000223]
Author: unknown

VI(Visual) Editor Reference manual [991201]
Author: William Totten totten(at) [990310]

Vi Reference
The HTML version of the Vi Reference once compiled by Maarten Litmaath maart(at) - with tables.
The plaintext version is also available:
Author: James Hu jxh(at)

Vi chart [970123,971121]
A chart with Vi commands for several vi clones - ELVIS, NVI, and VIM. Includes equivalent or similar commands for the editors SPF and TSO, too.
The linked page uses a "table" - but there is a link to a plain-text page, too. So you can print out that text easily.
Author: Jeff Wang jeffw(at) jeffw(at)
Old versions of this chart (local copies):
doc/vi.chart (84K) [960916]
doc/vi.chart.gz (22K) (same version compressed with gzip)

"Vi for Smarties" - a Vi Tutorial [980528,980721,991129,010821] [010821] [obsolete]
An intro for newbies. Eight lessons and two quizzes. Nice!
Author: Jerry Wang jerry_y_wang(at)

VI Reference Manual & VI Introduction [980723,981109] [soon?]
Authors: Miles O'Neal meo(at) and Susan Liebeskind shl(at)

[English] vi reference [970212,990915] [old]
"... compact and usable listing of command and insert mode keys, ex commands and options."
HTML by: John Arundel john-arundel(at)

[English] Vi/Ex Editor (HTML) (UnixWorld) [970127,980114,010102] [obsolete] [obsolete]
"Test Your Vi/Ex Knowledge" [obsolete?]
Contact: editor(at)
Author: Walter Alan Zintz

[English] Vi FAQ (Part1) (HTML) [961029,000314]
The Vi FAQ - HTML version.
HTML by Baruch Promislow baruch(at)
VI FAQ Part1:
[English] VI FAQ (Part2)

[English] Vi Tutorial (HTML) (Purdue) [961029]
A Vi tutorial with pictures.
Author: marian(at)

[English] Using the Vi Editor (HTML) [970128]
This is a part of the UNIXHELP project.
Maintenance: unixhelp(at)
I wonder whether anyone still maintains this project. The pages look pretty dead. :-( [961029]

Vi and Programming

Introduction to Programming in C/C++ with Vim [010615]
Author: Kmj kmj9907(at)

Vi Docs in Various Languages

Documentation in several languages: Finnish, French, German, Greek, and Swedish.

Got any to add? Send me your contributions to - thanks!

Vi Documentation in Finnish

[Finnish] Perusohje vi-editorin käyttöön [000918]
Basic instruction for using of vi - a Vi start guide written in Finnish.
Author: Aapo Rista Aapo.Rista(at)

[Finnish] Vi [000922]
Author: Kari Lehtonen KariL(at) (1997)

[Finnish] [Text] VI-EDITORI [000922]
Author: ??? Last updated: October 1996

Vi Documentation in French

[French] Vi Guide (PostScript, gzip)
doc/ (35K -> 85K)
A Vi starter guide written in French.
Author: Charles Vidal charles(at)

Vi Documentation in Deutsch/German

vi - Beispiele [2003-09-03]
"vi - Examples". Basic editing commands and some options mentioned.
(local copy)

German Vi Lovers Home Page [1999-02-23,2003-09-03]
Basically another VI Lovers Homepage - but specifically for Krauts. The main difference is the additional page on Tips and Tricks:
Author: Alfred Schmidt alfred(at)HS-Bremerhaven.DE

VI-Einfuehrung und Kurzreferenz [981102]
[Deutsch,German] [HTML]
A short intro to editing with Vi - in German.
Author: Martin "Herbert" Dietze herbert(at)

Der vi-Editor - ein mächtiger Zwerg (German) [000901]
[Deutsch,German] [HTML]
Author: Marcus Obst mobst(at) [000115,010312]
Slides (in MagicPoint) for a talk about vi - in German. created for the Linux User Group in Dresden, Germany.

Textverarbeitung mit dem Editor vi" [990223]
[Deutsch,German] [HTML]
A description of the editor vi - in German. Last updated in November 1995.
Author: Delix sysadmins?!

Emacs --- Ein Texteditor -- Emacs/Vi Command Comparison [031027]
An introduction to Emacs, showing commands with their Vi equivalents. by Thomas Güttler info(at)

Editor vi [990223]
[Deutsch,German] [HTML]
A description of the editor vi - in German. Last updated in December 1995.

Vi Documentation in Greek

Vi explained [961029]
[Greek] [HTML]
If you prefer to read about Vi in Greek - there you are!
Author: Anthony G. Danalis danalis(at)

Vi Documentation in Swedish

Vi Tutorial [991208]
[Swedish] [HTML]
Author: support(at)


[English] Vi Macros, Abbreviations, and Buffers
Author: Fred Buck (1988), additions by Maarten Litmaath maart(at) (1989)
The escape filter, test abbreviation, keystroke remapping (test mode, command mode), text-buffer execution; mode-bouncing, chained macros, recursive macros, termination of recursives macros, peculiar limitations and restrictions on 'vi' macros; putting and yanking to/from named buffers; remappable keys (Which keys to remap?).

An Extremely Quick and Simple Introduction to the Vi Text Editor [991112]
Author: Norm Matloff matloff(at)

Per's Vi Tutorial [980114]
Author: Per Abrahamsen abraham(at)
Rather than a Vi Tutorial this shows how hard learning Vi commands can be. Or maybe it is to show why people have written vi clones that improve the movement of the cursor.

Viper Tutorial [990223]
"Viper is a Vi emulation package for GNU Emacs 19 and XEmacs 19."

Online Documentation (non-HTML) - local

An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi [971008]
Authors: William Joy and Mark Horton
*The* text about Vi - written by the authors.

Online Documentation (non HTML) - outbound

BSD manuals (ex and vi) (PostScript) [960615]
98069 Jul  2  1992
56681 Jul  2  1992
The "" should contain the "Ex Reference Manual - Version 3.7" by William Joy and Mark Horton. There are 19 pages in total. Please correct me if I am wrong!

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