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Vi Pages - Books - Literature on the Vi Editor

Some books on editing with Vi.

Learning the Vi Editor

This is probably the most popular book on Vi.

Topics include:

The second chapter has more info on vi clones (some 220 pages). The covered clones are nvi, elvis, vile, and vim. :-)

Note: The fifth edition is already out of print:

Learning The VI Editor, Fifth Edition; Out of print
	Lamb, Linda
	ISBN 0937175676
	O'Reilly & Associates; 10/1990;
	Softcover; 192 pages
	$19.95 (20% off list)
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The sixth edition was published at the end of 1998:

[The Tarsius]

Learning The VI Editor, Sixth Edition [980813]
	By Linda Lamb & Arnold Robbins
	6th Edition November 1998
	1-56592-426-6, Order Number: 4266
	348 pages, $24.95
Learning the vi Editor;
	Lamb, Linda / Robbins, Arnold
	ISBN 1-56592-426-6
	O'Reilly; 07/1998;
	Softcover; 272 pages (est.)
	September 1998 (est.)
	O'Reilly: $24.95 (est.)
	ComputerLiteracy: $19.95 (20% off list)
There is also a translation to German now [990720]:

Textbearbeitung mit dem vi-Editor
	Linda Lamb & Arnold Robbins
	Deutsche ‹bersetzung von Volker Kurz & Imke Schenk
	1.Auflage Juni 1999
	3-89721-126-2, Bestellnummer: 272-30126
	352 Seiten, DM59,-
On the SuSE site it was nominated "Book of the Month" for August 1999:

More books

Editing in a UNIX Environment: The Vi/Ex Editor;
	Lozy, Mohamed El
	ISBN 013235599X
	Prentice Hall; 02/1985;
The Ultimate Guide To The VI And Ex Text Editors;
	ISBN 0-8053-4460-8
	Benjamin Cummings Corporation; 01/1990;
	Softcover; 319 pages
The VI User's Handbook;
	ISBN 0139417338
	Prentice Hall; 02/1986;
	Softcover; 66 pages
	$23.95 (20% off list)
Mastering Regular Expressions, First Edition;
	Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
	ISBN 1-56592-257-3
	O'Reilly & Associates; 01/1997;
	Softcover; 368 pages
	$23.95 (20% off list)
See also:
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Note: Recommended as some Vi commands make use of regular expressions a lot (most notably with the global command and the substitution command). Knowledge about regular expressions is useful not only for Vi, but also for awk, perl, and sed.
Btw, Jeffrey's web pages are very nice, making very good use of colored text. Definitely worth a look! Jeffrey also answers email about his book. Very dedicated, I might add. Keep up the good work, Jeffrey! (Yes, I own a copy of the book. :-)


Prentice Hall
ISBN 3-8272-9533-5
Boor, Hutter, Pribas

out of print
ask for rerelease..

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