The Vi Editor and its clones

and programs with a vi like interface

The 'vi Lover's home page' refers to this website as "the Vi site on this planet better than the one you're looking at." This site too is well worth checking out.
Learning the vi Editor, 6th Edition, O'Reilly, page 300

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What was once a few pages has now become two dozen pages. Most info is about the Vi Clones of which there are quite a few now - probably due to the fact that the source code to Vi was once "closed source", ie not available to the public. So the editor had to be reinvented.

The most popular Vi clones are elvis, nvi, and vim. nvi has not changed much since 1996, while elvis keeps evolving and has some neat extra features. Vim, however, is the most popular vi clone - probably due to the many additions (syntax coloring and virtual editing, internal scripting language) and can now claim to be the default editor on many UNIXish systems (eg with most Linux distributions).

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