SED - Users

SED Users and their pages about SED. If you lik to join then send me an email!

Adamopoulos, Yiorgos - aka "George" and "Geraki"
official homepage:

Bitterberg, Tilmann [010304] (English) (German)
Scripts: Delete ads of maillists, convert Mail to HTML, convert Pine addresses to vim aliases, CallID to VBox, Index of Links in HTML page.

Chang, Yao-Jen [010207]
Topics: Get/work/replace qualified lines, work on a string, SED's commands, and Resources. (Colorful link buttons - a GIMP fan at work. ;-)

Jargas, Aurélio Marinho [010207,020307]
Topics: txt2sgml.sed, justify.sed, sed-3.02.80 (tar,rpm), Real Audio SED speechs, sed-HOWTO. all in Portuguese.

Guckes, Sven
These pages. :-)