SED - Questions - please help!

Some questions about SED which are yet to be solved... please help!

SED Version Detection

Problem I encountered when using SED:
Which version does my SED have?
neither "sed --version" nor "sed --help" works - damn!
"strings `which sed`" does not yield anything -
except some error message strings

Does my sed understand other pattern delimiters apart from '/'?
yes! :-)  example:   sed -e 's#/#-#g'

Does my sed understand "\t" to denote a TAB?
No. this means I have to use literal TABs in
my scripts.  I don't like this at all.   :-(

SED Error Messages

/bin/sed on Solaris - error messages:
  sed: command garbled: %s                 s/foo/bar  (no ending '/')
  Too much text: %s
  Label too long: %s
  No addresses allowed: %s
  Only one address allowed: %s
  Suffix too large - 512 max: %s
  Cannot malloc space
  Cannot open pattern-file: %s
  Too many {'s
  First RE may not be null
  Unrecognized command: %s
  Too many }'s
  Duplicate labels: %s
  Too many labels: %s
  Too many labels: %s
  First RE may not be null
  Too many files in w commands
  cannot open %s
  Too many files in w commands
  Cannot create %s
  Too many line numbers
  Undefined label: %s
  Cannot malloc space
  Can't open %s
  Too many appends after line %lld
  %Too many reads after line%lld
  %sed: Memory allocation failed.

Does anyone have examples which trigger these error messages? let me know!