SED - Mailing List - SED-BR and SED-USERS

There are two mailing lists about SED: SED-BR and SED-USERS. SED-BR if for discussion in Brazilian (read: Portugese), while SED-USERS is discussion in English.

Here are the homepages for these mailing lists which are both hosted by YahooGroups:

    SED-BR    Mailing List HomePage:
    Maintainer:  Aurelio Marinho Jargas

    SED-USERS Mailing List HomePage:
    Maintainer:  Sven Guckes

The following text describes the SED-USERS mailing list.

To send a message to the list send it to the address

NOTE: Subscription is *required* for posting to the list! You *cannot* send to the mailing list without being subscribed.

You can subscribe to the list by sending a mail to the address

And you can easily unsubscribe by email, too: Just send a mail to the address
The list is hosted by - and you can find its homepage there, too:
        sed-users maillist homepage:
The mailing list is currently maintained by
        maillist maintainer
        Sven Guckes  (maillist administration)       (sed webpages)

SED-USERS MailList - What is "On Topic"?

Things that are "on topic":

OK: Talk on commercial tools.
An on-topic discussion or endorsement of a commercial text tool or text editor is permissible.

OK: Usenet forwards.
Forwarding sed-related messages originally posted on Usenet newsgroups is also permitted.

OK: Talk on awk and perl.
We expect solutions to problem which involve awk and perl. however, it is not encouraged. There already are mailing lists and newsgroups for those other programs - please make use of them.

SED-USERS MailList - the "NoNos"

NO Spam
SPAM is *not* tolerated. In fact, I will unsubscribe everyone who sends spam to the list. Period.

NO Subscription issues
Subscription is and will be required. This is *not* open to discussion. Those who cannot unsubscribe usually are the ones who are not able to look at the mail header. each mail bears the info of the unsubscription address which simply is

SED-USERS - MailList Stats

Date            #Members
2000-12-30      150
2001-02-07      159
2002-08-25      379
2003-10-05      555
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2000 ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---   26   64
2001  40   72   98   75   47   25   47   68   78   71  104  140
2002  98  178   91   56  134  101  105  155  127  219  194  165
2003 118   72  211  143  102   84   95   78   78  ???  ???  ???

Nov 2000 -- Sep 2003:  3559 messages