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SED - The Stream EDitor - Introduction

SED, the Stream EDitor, is an "editor" program; ie it allows to change data with some commands.

SED is used as a non-interactive editor which works on (data) streams, ie the data flows through a "sed" command, thereby changing the data.

SED commands can become quite complex and are thus usually used within a script.

SED-USERS is a mailing list dicussing the use of SED and its scripts. If you have a question then you can subscribe to this list and post your question to it. Some people are real specialists and can probably help you write the script you need.

SED definitely is one of the best scripting programs around!

SED is availabe on almost every Unixish system, on OS/2, and for Windows, too. (And then some more..)

HOWTO find info on SED

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man sed
info sed
sed faq
sed pages
maillist archive

TODO: Add info about books and basic docs.

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