SED - Distribution/Download

SED versions - and where to get them.

if you happen to know about other implementations of SED which should be mentioned then please let me know!

I intend to add a box for each up-to-date version and maybe hide the latest changes in an extra file.

SED - Version Info

GNU sed 4.08 (stable) 2003-11-06 Ken Pizzini ken(at)
[2003-12-25] Unix:
[2003-12-25] HPUX: [2003-11-26]
[2003-12-25] Win32: [2003-09-22] [4.0.7]
This version was compiled with GNUwin32 and properly handles the -i switch. The other ports of GNU sed (by unxutils with MinGW and also by DJGPP) do not handle Windows long filenames and file renaming properly.
[2003-12-25] Note: The official homepage still shows that the current version is sed 4.0.7 while the ftp download site already has sed 4.0.8.

ssed 3.60 (user release) 2002-11-05 Paolo Bonzini bonzini(at)
Download: (unix)
Download: (win32)
CHANGED command 'l': customizable output width
NEW     command 'L': adds text formatting like "par" utility
NEW     option "-s":

In-place file editing now treats files as separate streams rather
than as a single large stream, which is a lot more intuitive;
and there's a new `-s' option to turn on
this behavior separate from in-place editing.

Old versions of SED

GNU sed 1992-12-15 Maintainer?

ja-sed (user release?) 2002-05-27 Maintainer?
Can anyone please tell me what the latest versions is or who the maintainer is?

small sed 2003-03-15 Eric S. Raymond esr(at)
Homepage: none
Eric: "This is the fast, small sed originally distributed in the GNU toolkit and still distributed with Minix. The GNU people ditched it when they built their own sed around an enhanced regexp package -- but it's still better for some uses (in particular, faster and less memory-intensive)."
Steve Nickolas sysdev(at) [2003-03-15] "It can be built with Turbo C++ 1.01, with a minimum of fuss, and run on DOS. And it is tiny - only about 12K or so." 1990-06-17 Maintainer?
Only 95K. Does anyone know what this contains?