SED - Documents

Cheat sheets, FAQs, intros, and webpages on SED.

Batch SED - "Batch and Third-Party Programs - SED" [010207]
SED scripts - in colorized text.
Author: Benny Pedersen b.pedersen(at)

Custom SED [010207]
A proposal for a "Custom SED" - a new kind of SED that shall "always [be] capable of running existing sed scripts portably and efficiently. The changes should be portable to all contemporary Unixes and if the underlying GNU code permits, to the DOS/Windows environments."
Hosted by the "The Profitool User Group".

Grab Bag - "The SEDer's Grab Bag" [001127]
"scripts, executables, HOWTOs, tips and all kinds of stuff"
Quite a few scripts - and some tutorials, too!
This is also the home of "Super SED" (ssed):
Source archive and Windows binary available.
Maintainer: Paolo Bonzini bonzini(at)

FAQ - *the* official SED FAQ! [031027]
Version: 015 [2003-03-10]; written by Eric Pement pemente(at) !

sed . . . the stream editor [031027]
A very informational site by the maintainer of the SED FAQ.
Author: Eric Pement pemente(at)

Introduction to sed [031027]
Can't read it - it's in Japanese. Is this any good?