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Procmail - a powerful mail filter

Last version: procmail-3.22 [2001-10-09]

Procmail is a "autonomous mail processor" aka "mail filter". Procmail can process incoming mail and mail folders. Procmail definitely is one of the best mail filters available.

Procmail - Overview

Quick Help | Sven's Procmail Setup | Small Release History | Links

Quick Help

How to get help on configuring procmail:
        RTFM:   man procmailex
        Usenet: comp.mail.misc
        WWW: (this page)

Sven's procmail setup

PROCMAIL is invoked via the file $HOME/.forward:

Sven's forward file:

$ cat $HOME/.forward

The setup file for procmail is the $HOME/.procmailrc:

Sven's procmailrc

Not many, but some very very useful things. With comments, of course!

Procmail - Small Release History

Here is the short vesion of the procmail release history with dates and version numbers:

1990/12/07: v1.00
1990/12/12: v1.01
1991/02/04: v1.02
1991/02/13: v1.10
1991/02/21: v1.20
1991/02/22: v1.21
1991/03/01: v1.30
1991/03/15: v1.35
1991/06/04: v1.99
1991/06/10: v2.00
1991/06/11: v2.01
1991/06/12: v2.02
1991/06/20: v2.03
1991/07/04: v2.10
1991/07/12: v2.11
1991/10/02: v2.20 (never released)
1991/10/18: v2.30
1991/10/22: v2.31
1991/12/05: v2.40
1991/12/13: v2.50
1992/01/22: v2.60
1992/01/31: v2.61
1992/04/30: v2.70
1992/07/01: v2.71
1993/02/04: v2.80
1993/02/19: v2.81
1993/06/02: v2.82 (never really released..)
1993/07/01: v2.90
1993/07/02: v2.91
1994/06/14: v3.00
1994/06/14: v3.01
1994/06/16: v3.02
1994/06/30: v3.03
1994/08/02: v3.04
1994/08/04: v3.05
1994/08/30: v3.06
1994/10/31: v3.10
1995/05/17: v3.11pre3
1995/10/29: v3.11pre4
1997/04/28: v3.11pre7
1999/03/02: v3.12
1999/03/31: v3.13
1999/11/22: v3.14
2000/08/25: v3.15
2001/06/28: v3.20
2001/06/29: v3.21
2001/09/10: v3.22

Procmail Links

Links to other good web pages about Procmail.
Procmail HomePage [010701]
Look here for info on mailing lists, mirrors, the msartlist maillist manager, and some more useful links.

Procmail How-To Page [021216]
by Ian Soboroff ian(at)
this link is definitely missing on the procmail page!

Procmail Doc Project [2003-01-10]

Procmail Workshop [obsolete]
Author: Joe Gross jgross(at)
[Last update: 1998-10-04] [Latest check: 2004-01-13]

Pi's procmailrc [2003-01-10]

To add:

Procmail People

Alan K. Stebbens
He is supposed to have a collection of procmail recipes.
Info by Thomas Bullinger [960417]

Sven Guckes

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