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mmv - move/copy/append/link multiple files by wildcard patterns

"mmv" is a small and yet powerful tool. it solves a whole lot of problems which are possible with other tools, too, but not as easy as with mmv.


adding a prefix/suffix of names:

mmv '*' 'prefix#1'
mmv '*' '#1suffix'

add a date string as prefix:
mmv '*' '2003-11-03.#1'

add a common filename extension as suffix:
mmv '*' '#1.jpg'

Example: Deleting/Removing Prefices/Suffices

removing prefix/suffix:

mmv 'foo-*' '#1'
mmv '*.txt' '#1'

this basically keeps only the part
which matches the '*' wildcard and
thereby loses the rest of the name.

Example: Change of Suffix

changing a suffix:
mmv '*.bar' ''

Example: Changing text within

turning spaces into undersores:
mmv '* *' '#1_#2'

Note: This matches the *first* space in the filename *only*. Therefore only the first match gets changed. Apply this command several times to replace all the spaces in the local filenames one by one.

Example: Lowercase/Uppercase Letters

Change filenames to lowercase (#l) completely:
mmv "*" "#l1"
make filenames uppercase (#u):
mmv "*" "#u1"


"mmv" was written by Vladimir Lanin and posted to comp.sources.unix in April 1990 (Volume 21, issues 87 and 88). I haven't seen any patches with improvements so maybe it is just a perfect tool. :-)

1999-04-27: "I'm currently working on a "mmv" (Multiple Move) Command
for the Mac That will allow renames based on RegEx patterns.
If you're interested, drop me a note:  Anjo Krank ak(at)"
seems the URL is dead.  pity.  but here's one that works:
the file is only 53KB.

Sven Guckes