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Converters and Filters - Convert Data from One Format to Another

An overview to programs which convert data from one format to another. Some simply take a file to convert - and others can be used in a chain of commands as a filter.

The converters on this page use various text formats and graphics formats. Some are about music files.

No converters for fonts, natural languages or program code, though. No libraries for conversion programs, and no perl modules. Now, there's an idea for *your* webpage, eh? ;-)

Overview to Converter Categories

All Converters - Listed Alphabetically

CHECK Converter Name Version HomePage Comments
031111 antiword 0.34 [2003-08-25]
"The ANTIdote against people who send Microsoft® WORD files to everybody, because they believe that everybody runs Windows® and therefore runs Word". Converts Word 2/6/7/97/2000/2002 documents (undisclosed binary format!) to plain text or to PostScript. Full support for documents from WinWord 2.0 and some support for documents from Word-for-DOS and WinWord 1.x. license: GPL. available for Linux and RISC OS. Ports to BeOS, OS/2, Mac OS X, Amiga, VMS, NetWare and DOS. Author and maintainer: Adri van Os adri(at) comments(at)
031111 catdoc 0.90.3 [1999-08-11]
0.93.1 [2003-09-24] [obsolete]
031111 charconv 2000-03-20
16743 bytes *
character set conversion
031111 dos2ux + ux2dos 1990-08-31
49640 bytes *
CHECK elser Version URL by Martin Schwartz schwartz(at)
CHECK laola Version Comments
CHECK Version Comments
CHECK mswordview Version [obsolete]
"wv" Word8->HTML
031111 RTF Tools 1.10 [1994-04-06] rtf2null, rtf2text, rtf2troff, rtfdiag, rtfindent, rtfskel, and rtfwc. seems to have been discontinued. written by Paul DuBois dubois(at)
031111 sox Version sound file conversion.
CHECK word2html Version [obsolete] Comments
CHECK word2x Version [obsolete] Word 6 -> text, LaTeX
CHECK wordview Version Comments


strings         "strings foo.doc | vim -"


Word Perfect to LaTeX


Word Processor Filters
A comprehensive list of converters/filters. Last change seems to be of 1999-03-19 (some 4.5 years ago), though.

We Can Put an End to Word Attachments
How to react to DOC attachments. written by Richard M. Stallman, Jan 2002

Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification, version 1.6
RTF specs including reference implementation of RTF reader [May 1999]
"Summary: The Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification provides a format for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems. RTF uses the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), PC-8, Macintosh, or IBM PC character set to control the representation and formatting of a document, both on the screen and in print. With the RTF Specification, documents created under different operating systems and with different software applications can be transferred between those operating systems and applications. (248 printed pages)"

filters project [obsolete]
M$ viewers:


abcde - A Better CD Encoder
atp - text to PostScript converter with some C syntax highlighting
btoa - Convert binary to ascii and vice versa


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