Lightning Talks at 23C3

each day from 4pm to 5pm

from Wed Dec 27th to Sat Dec 30th 2006

Motto: The good *and* the bad.

good & bad angels & daemons compliments & criticisms praise & rants please give us a talk on the great stuff - or give us your best rant about something bad. whatever it is - please be informative and above all: do *not* be boring!

the goal

the goal is 10 talks per hour - five minutes each. speakers speak, the audience listens. no discussions!


(1) registration: please register your talk at the page on the 23C3 Lightning Talks in the congress wiki. first come, first serve. please give a *very* short description: what is the topic? what is the problem≌ what will you show? instead of writing "see for details" just add a link to the address - this suffices! avoid phrases like these: "a brief overview on.." "a short introduction to.." "in our presentation we will show that..." "this talk is about..." "this talk will explain.." save space! (2) send info via email! please send us the following info for the main slide to be shown during your talk: long+short title, project name, nickname+contact, website+logos. Lightning Talks DOs and DONTs sveng dect:6467 here's another example in the *extended* form: long title: Lightning Talks short title: Email Netiquette project name: KILL TOFU (nick)name: sveng contact: killtofu(at) website url: logo/pics: description: have you ever been annoyed by people who cite all your text and write their answer on top of that? then you suffer from TOFU style. here are some tips to get rid of it.. (3) NOTE: all entries without or with insufficient info - including those with "abstract coming soon" - will be moved to the very END of the list. do NOT complain. whiners will be laughed at. we will show all slides from *our* computer. this saves time. so - send us your slides! we can only show the slides which reach us on time. deadline is december 24th.


place yourself in the front row. it will be reserved for speakers. the order of presentations might be changed at any time - so you are required to be ready - always! Jennifer will give you the rules in English, and Sven might repeat them in German.

The Rules

five minutes each. gong after 4 mins. buzzer after five. sudden death rule. one minute change.


Hints and Tips for Speakers

Language: the language usually is either German or English. please choose German if you are not fluent in English. if your mother tongue happens to be German - you probably are best understood speaking German. if you insist on speaking something exotic like Babel, Klingonian or Swahili - go ahead! you might as well use French or Spanish - but expect to misunderstood! Style: practise your talk with others if you can. practise with a microphone beforehand. know what you say! know your buzzwords! try to fit everything in 4.5 minutes! be prepared. be informative. be cool! Avoid: loss of time by deviation, hesitation, or repetition! speak as if you have just a minute! Slides: We will show your slides. Repeat: *we* will do it for you. you can tell us to go forth - but we will never go back. If you have not sent in any slides, well, tough luck! hopefully you have some notes on paper on you. we might show the webpage with the title, names, website, and contact addresses to show everyone, so the audience knows what the current talk is about. we will take this info from the wiki page - unless you had sent us your information via email beforehand. Startup: state your name - clearly! name your topic and the most important statement. and fer g*d's sake - speak up, dammit! Meanwhile: Do *not* take questions. Do not get distracted. stay calm. go on. Ignore the audience's attempt to stop you. Do not react to them. Talk to them later. We will not permit interjections, anyway. your time will run no matter what happens. Last minute: The beginning of the last minute is indicated by the gong. Now it is time to Finish off properly. what shall people remember about the project? "X is great, X is fast, X is cool. X needs hardware, X needs sponsors. X needs documentation, X needs developers and users - X needs *you*!" End: "we welcome your feedback! criticism, ideas, questions, suggestions - give it to us! we shall be available at the booth X outside. we will meet at the next lunch break in cafe Z. talk to us - you'll recognize us by the kewl tshirts with the X logo. remember:!" the very end: we will give you five minutes - and not a second more. when you hear the buzzer after five minute then GET OFF THE STAGE, dammit! if your talk is good then we might regret taking you off stage - but we will show no mercy. and we have means to get you off stage. expect public humiliation when you do not leave the stage. you have been warned!!! remember: you can distribute your prepared handouts with more info - but *outside*, please. just get out of the way and do not disturb the next talk! thankyou.

Rules for the Audience

please acknowledge the fact that time is scarce and that the speakers (hopefully) have put a lot of effort into preparing their speech. so please DO NOT INTERRUPT. please remain calm and quiet - and listen. thankyou!

Let's Talk!

questions? let's talk! please share your thoughts on IRC /server /join #23C3-lightning-talks


this page: register your talk on this page!

required hardware

the following hardware is required for conducting the lightning talks: a projector for the talk overviews. a vga adaptor for the beamer. a long dvi cable. a set of speakers and a sound connector. an internet connection. (ha!) a gong to signalize the last minute. a buzzer to signalize the end. and a few things to quickly shove people off stage.


Jennifer "b9punk" Gergen and Sven Guckes 23C3(at) ICQ:38801898 guckes(at) please send comments, errata, suggestions asap! Latest change: Di Dez 19 04:23:42 CET 2006