CCC Camp 2011 -
Satellite Station IN-Berlin

During the ccc camp in August 10-14, 2011, the ISP IN-Berlin offers campers to take a break at their facilities. We have seats, internet, food+drinks -- and hopefully streaming of the talks. You can store your luggage for awhile, and take a break. Wait until the next shuttle picks you up.

Opening Times

IN-Berlin will be open during camp, ie from Tue Aug09 unto Sun Aug14. We try to keep it open 24/7 - provided a keyholder is there. The exact times depend on your messages on when you will come.


IN-Berlin has a refridgerator with a dozen kind of beverages, coca cola, club-mate, water, and some more.

There are also some snacks such as candy bars, crisps, and other healthy things.

All to a pretty low price. donations are welcome, of course. :)

And we'll be thankful for any help you offer carrying groceries from the supermarket - which is about 200m away.

Prices: 70cent for Mineral Water (sparkling and non-gaseous) -- and 1euro for all other drinks: Alcohol free dark beer, Apple Juice, "Bier"-Bier, Chabeso, Cidre, Club-Mate, Fassbrause, Fritz-Cola Light, Malzbier, Orange Juice, Premium-Cola, Quartiermeister, Radler (mix of beer and sprite), Spezi (orange juice + coca cola), Wostok (tastes like fir forest) - and maybe some Bionade, Coca Cola, Fanta, Ginger Ale and Sprite.


Hardware Tagging: We have some permanent markers and tape for you hardware, so you can tag it. Put your name, email, and phone number on everything! It's really nice to get a phone call from someone who tells you where to pick it up again. :-)


IN-Berlin is about a mile north of Berlin Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). So either walk for 15mins to 20mins - or take the bus123 for three hops until "Kruppstrasse" - and then cross the street. The exact address is '''Lehrter Strasse #53 in 10557 Berlin''' (geo coordinates: 52.53470, 13.3586). see also:


When the camp streams the talks, we shall use the projector to show them.


IN-Berlin is situated close to several markets nearby - Aldi, Hellweg, Kaiser's, KiK, LIDL, Penny, and Tedi. All of these are all open until 20h/8pm (Mon-Fri), on Saturdays until 18h/6pm.

Kaiser's @ Main Station Mon-Sat 6-24
Kaiser's Mon-Sat 7-22
LIDL Mon-Sat 8-21 Quitzowstr. 23, 10559 Berlin
Hellweg Mon-Sat 8-20
Penny Mon-Sat 8-20
Aldi Mon-Sat 9-20
KiK Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18
Tedi Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18

Hauptbahnhof (Main Station): The Kaiser's food store, opens early at 6am and runs through midnight. (TODO: link to confirmation)

Tourist Info at Hauptbahnhof: Mon-Sun 8-22h


We are trying to connect you to shuttles. Please enter your shuttle request to the camp wiki: Rides


The phone number of IN-Berlin is +49-30-45490377

You can also contact Sven Guckes (IRC:SvenG) about the opening hours and other camp related things directly at his cellphone: +49-179-3966141

You can call any time - but if he doesnt pick up then chances are he is taking a nap. ;-) In any case - leave a text message! :-)

You can contact IN-Berliners via IRC on IRCnet on channel #in-berlin irc://

The channel for the camp is on FreeNode and is simply called #camp:

/join #camp


  1. google maps of IN-Berlin location
  2. location of the camp
  3. Pay as you go sim with data Wiki
  4. Transfer info from Jesse Zbikowski

  5. LIDL

Route from/to Camp

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