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= Signature =

Chaos Communication Camp aka "chaos camp"
2015 Aug 13-17 Thu-Mon at
near Mildenberg near Zehdenick near Berlin
Ziegelei 10, 16792 Zehdenick
chat: irc://

tweet hashtag:  #cccamp15

= Location =

Ziegeleipark Mildenberg
address: Ziegelei 10, Ortsteil Mildenberg, 16792 Zehdenick, Brandenburg, Germany
coordinates: N°:56.04, E°:14.77
fon: +49-3307-310410
fax: +49-3307-310411


= Directions =

== Car ==

from: Berlin Bundesplatz
to:   Ziegeleipark Mildenberg
dist: 81km
time: 71mins

== Train+Bus ==


from Berlin Central Station
to  Ziegeleipark Mildenberg
distance: ca 77km
by car:   1:15h drive
by bike:  3:30h drive
on foot: 13:00h walk

duration station                 train1  train2  train3
   00:00 Berlin-Suedkreuz        09:36   10:36   11:36
   00:04 Berlin-Potsdamer-Platz  09:40   10:40   11:40
   00:08 Berlin-Hauptbahnhof     09:44   10:44   11:44
   00:14 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen    09:50   10:50   11:50
   00:35 Oranienburg             10:11   11:11   12:11
   00:53 Gransee                 10:29   11:26   12:29

11mins changeover to the bus:

Gransee -> Ziegeleipark (17mins)
ab Gransee,    Bahnhof       10.40 11.40 12.40 (call +49-3306-2307 90mins before)
an Mildenberg, Ziegeleipark  10.57 11.57 12.57

Ziegeleipark -> Gransee (17mins)
ab Mildenberg, Ziegeleipark  14.03 16.03 17.03
an Gransee,    Bahnhof       14.20 16.20 17.20

== Shuttles ==

=== Bassliner from Berlin to Camp ===

Shuttle Transfer to/from the camp
from berlin-ostbahnhof to camp   on Aug12+13 15h
from camp  to berlin-ostbahnhof  on Aug16+17 15h
10€ each way. register now:

=== Gransee -> Camp ===

Tue+Wed+Thu: with bassliner from Gransee station to Camp:
Tue: ................................... 18:35 20:35 ..... 23:35
Wed: ........... 14:35 15:35 16:35 17:35 18:35 20:35 21:35 23:35
Thu: 08:35 09:35 14:35 17:35

=== Camp -> Gransee ===

Sun+Mon: with bassliner from Camp to Gransee station:
Sun: ............................. 16:40 17:40 18:40 19:40 20:40
Mon: 07:40 08:40 09:40 10:40 11:40 12:40 13:40 17:40 18:40 19:40

=== .. ===

normal shuttles from Gransee - timetable:
Gransee: leaving from Templiner Straße
(no. there are no signs at the station anywhere.
hope you have taken a screenshot of that OSM map.)

== Taxi ==

+49-174-9055657 Hennig | +49-173-7658145 Böhm | +49-172-4376599 Behm

+49-174-9055657 Hennig
  Katja Hennig Taxibetrieb

+49-173-7658145 Böhm
  Böhms Fahrservice (Egbert Böhm)
  Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 54, 16775 Gransee

+49-172-4376599 Behm
  Taxi & Kleinbus Behm (Guido Behm)
  Kranken- & Dialysefahrten
  Ruppiner Str. 15, 16775 Gransee
  distance meter:
  from: gransee bahnhof
  unto: ziegeleipark
  price: 21.50€

= Communication =

IRC server:

#camp               default channel for everything :)
#camp-foodsupply    fooooood!
#camp-orga          orga crew of camp
#camp-rad1o         SDK radio
#camp-tweets        tweets to #cccamp and #cccamp15
#camp-wiki          issues with the Wiki
#chaos-angel        angels/helpers

#cccamp-tent-1  talks in tent #1
#cccamp-tent-2  talks in tent #2

#congress #32c3 #31c3

= Maps =

Google Maps:
               53.031532, 13.309451
               53.03    , 13.31 --> "Ziegelei 9"

OpenStreetMap: Museum
OpenStreetMap: Parking
map showing (optionally): landuse, ways,
buildings, noc, gpscoords, and amenities.

from Gransee Station
unto Ziegeleipark:

== Zehdenick ==

town of Zehdenick - shopping: Zehdenick town area

shopping: ALDI LIDL REWE Kaiser's Netto OBI

pharmacies: Apotheke an der Post Markt-Apotheke Kloster-Apotheke


= Places =

more place on site:,13.3088299,17z/
Gasthaus und Pension Alter Hafen
Ziegelei 11, 16792 Zehdenick +49-3307-301870,13.3088299,17z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x47a9748bb966f5f9:0x2c260fe341c92762!2sZiegelei+9,+16792+Zehdenick,+Germany!3b1!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xbe54fc90c46deb82
Marina Alter Hafen - Brehm & Presch Marina GbR +49-331-87096626
Ziegelei 11, 16792 Zehdenick - still shows "2011"

= FAQ =

Q: [Tickets] Will there be day tickets?
A: NO.
   ""Please note: We won't be selling tickets on site!
    You will need to buy a ticket online beforehand.""

Q: How is coverage at camp by E+/O2, Telecom?
A: ...

Q: What is the Base phonenumber on camp?
A: +49-40-237959-xxxx

Q: Is the local GSM working?
A: ...

Q: Will it be possible to use the old SIM cards?
A: hopefully, yes.
"SIM Cards for the GSM network are now available for 2 EUR at the PoC"

Q: Can you uy SIM cards on site?
A: Maybe at the POC (Phone Operation Center).

Q: How big is the car park? And how far is it from camp?
A: ...

Q: Where can you shop for food?
A: ...

fruit+vegetables every day until 6pm/18h:

Q: where to add pictures?
A: eg

Q: what is the frequency of the camp fm/radio?
A: 89,3 Mhz
["use ALL the frequencies!"]
see also:
Interview by Philipp with Ole:
"Programmierbares Funkgerät für alle: Das rad1o Badge auf dem CCCamp15"

Q: How to use the DVT-B?
A: sudo modprobe dvb-usb-rtl28xxu;
   vlc dvb-t://frequency=626000000

Q: ear plugs! a sun hat - and sun lotion - lots of it!
A: ...

Q: which sessions on the fahrplan are not going to
   be streamed and/or available via voc afterwards?
A: ...
Q: are there any DJ streaming outside?
A: ...

Q: Is there a shuttle from Gransee?
A: ...

Q: Are there any signs at the station Gransee for the Bus?
A: NO!  (it would have been a good idea.)

Q: where to get power?  where to put your tent?
A: ...

Q: where to get food?
A: Milliways, Palatschinke-Roboter...

Q: what is the total bandwidth of camp (in/out)?
A: "speedtest yesterday was nice. ~550/~950 mbit down/up"

Q: will there be translations for german talks?
A: ...

Q: where can you rent bikes?
   open: every day 10-18h
   cost: 3€/h, 6€/day, 12€ per weekend, 25€ per week
   weekend := Fr 17:30 - So 17:30

Q: Is there a place for Lost+Found?
A: ...

Q: Where to get Hot Water?
A: ...

Q: does anyone have some weed?
A: the Hemp Hog  :-P

Q: what is the current status of the showers?
   (working, hot/cold, queues..)
A: webcams, anyone? ;)

Q: will the fablab truck keep on truckin'?
A: ...

= Market =

there definitely is a market for some things:
* ear plugs
* SIM cards
* USB cables (USB 2 USB micro)
    2015-08-13 13:15   hk  i have 50 spare micro usb cables
* USB power charger.
* batteries (for the rocket and rad10)

= Tweets =

the Milliways Restaurant

= Links =

HexiPics - hexangonal stickers

the CCcamp 2015 on facebook:

donate something to fund the restaurant -
for raw food, kitchen and shed:

Aerial View of the Ziegelei site:

= Arts+Crafts =

Milliways Coins


artwork Maibaum:

tinfoil hats:



VIDEO from drone (5MB, 1min):

this is how the camp in 2011 looked like:  Camp 2011

= NEWS =

2015-08-12 15:19   omnomnom
there will be omnomnom at omnomnom village at around 2000.
feel free to join us with you own dish and foo

= Tweets =
"Do robots dream of electric sheep? #cccamp15"
"@chaosupdates @c3noc oh :( USE MORE IPv6 #cccamp15"

= Weather =

Watch these for the upcoming storm!,13.269796,10

Weather Forecast 7days

Weather in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV):

Weather in Zehdenick:

Daily Camp Temperatures (by ketas):

= Satellite =

Sunday 18h: well - it's been an idea.
several people said they's stop by..
some day.. some time.  but as noone
could actually name a sepcific date+time
i wouldnt know when to actually be there.
so i guess it's just a waste of time.
anyway - enjoy your time at the camp! :)