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Calvin - a small and efficient vi clone

Last Version: Calvin-2.3 [1997-12-22]

Calvin is a small and efficient vi clone for DOS.

Calvin - News

Mailing List deleted. There was no traffic on the mailing list for ages, so I have closed it down.

Nothing new. Calvin-2.3 remains the *last* version of Calvin. Paul Vojta does not plan to add anything new to it any more - he simply does not have time for this. So - any takers?

Paul Vojta (vojta(at) "the only enhancement is that text on the last line of the screen is erased sooner. Also, source code is now available."

Calvin - Mailing List

There is no mailing list about Calvin any more.

Calvin - Distribution

Where to get Calvin.

SIMTEL [980110,001207]
Calvin-2.3 Binary and Source Code
   64056 Dec 22  1997
   38801 Dec 22  1997

SUPER - Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository
"best collection of HP palmtop software"

Calvin - Comments

Brendan Macmillan (bren(at)
Calvin is a very small, only 48K, and fast vi editor for 16 bit DOS. When you shell out of calvin, you have lost only 12k!!!!
Due to its speed it runs very quickly on the hp200lx palmtop computer - making it 'feel' just like a unix workstation! ;-) // But - "features, speed, size: pick two".
PLUS: Calvin implements a sub-set of unix, while maintaining the 'look and feel' of vi. Calvin can do all the everyday things, including filtering (usually "fmt", "wc", "par", right?).
MINUS: But Calvin has some important shortcomings:

Calvin - Users

Some devoted Calvin users:

[Your Name here! ;-)]

Calvin - Pictures

Pictures, anyone? Somebody send me a screenshot, dammit!

Calvin - Links

OK, so I was too lazy to look for other pages on the Web.

Calvin - Author

The author of Calvin is Paul Vojta vojta(at) [001205,031020]

Paul Vojta told me [2000-12-06] that he no longer has time to work on CALVIN. However, the source is available. Any takers?

Calvin - Comments

Brendan Macmillan bren(at) [001206]:
Speaking for myself, Calvin was perfect for the HP200LX (the 8MHz
palmtop XT-PC).  I used Vim 3.0 for more powerful stuff, but it was
noticeably slower.  Calvin was instant.  But I don't have a HP200LX
anymore, and it looks like the linux PDA's will finally be here soon.
But for anyone using a HP200LX (and I believe it
still has a role), it remains the perfect solution.

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