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Web Browser and their HomePages - Quick Reference

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WWW Browsers and their HomePages

2003-10-20: 39 browsers

Idea: maybe i'll add more info on available ports/systems. between the releasedate and the homepage url.

to add: list of dead and discontinued browsers..
Name Version ReleaseDate Homepage Comments
Amaya 8.0 2003-04-15 W3C's WebEditor/WebBrowser. Linux + Windows. OpenSource.
Arachne (DOS) 1.7 [????-??-??]
Arachne (Linux) 1.66 2000-07-21 [DL]
Arena (dead?) ??? ????-??-?? [ar] maintained by the W3C until June 1996
Beonex 0.8.2-stable-2 2003-03-12 also email+news client. based on Mozilla 1.0.2. FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, Windows.
Camino (MacOSX) 0.7 2003-03-06 based on Gecko.
Chimera -> Camino --- --- - dead! see Camino
debris 2.26p1 2001-01-22 text browser. smaller than lynx. supports forms and tables. provides secure environment which makes it suited for use on public terminals.
Dillo 0.7.2 2003-04-30
GNU, written in C, small, fast.
edbrowser (aka edb) 1.5.14 2003-07-14 [ed] self-contained perl script - runs "out of the box". command line browser - especially useful for blind users.
elinks (stable) 0.4.20 2003-01-26 Enhance "links". Forked from links. Scriptable with Lua.
elinks (devel) 0.5pre0 [unreleased] Enhance "links". Forked from links. Scriptable with Lua.
Elvis 2.2h 2002-07-30 alright, it's primarily an editor. so sue me.
Epiphany 0.8.0 2003-07-15 [dl] goal: simple and easy to use; requires GNOME libs
Firebird 1.5 RC7 2003-11-10
Based on Gecko.
was: Phoenix (until 2003-04-15)
Galeon (stable) 1.2.10 2003-04-19 Based on Gecko.
Galeon (devel) 1.3.4 2003-04-19 Based on Gecko.
iCab 2.9.1 2003 Feb? commercial! (US$29)
(ChangeLog wanted!)
Internet Explorer 6 + Q818529 2003-06-04 Q818529 is the name of latest patch
ishZilla 0.3 2003-06-19 goal: "to be light and fast with few dependencies"
KHTML (Windows) none yet? ????-??-?? for Win32 native
K-Meleon 0.7 2002-10-31 [km] Based on Gecko.
(service package)
0.7 2003-02-13 [km] Based on Gecko.
Konqueror linked to KDE-3.1.2 see KDE
LineMode 3.1 1995-11-14 "The Libwww Line Mode Browser". probably dead now.
links (stable) 0.98 2002-06-30 see also: elinks
links (devel) 0.99pre6 2003-05-11 see also: elinks
links(2) 2.1pre13 2003-10-12 based on links. adds support for JavaScript and graphics.
links-hacked 030709 2003-07-09 based on links. merges elinks and links(2) and adds some patches. tabbed browsing, lua scripting, forward history; toggle images.
lynx (stable) 2.8.4rel1b 2001-10-06 DOS, Win32, UNIX.
lynx (devel) 2.8.5dev.15 2003-04-27 DOS, Win32, UNIX.
mMosaic 3.7.2 2001-02-02 no updates since 2001? - but see also: where you can find mMosaic 3.8.17 [2003-10-08]
Mozilla (stable) 1.4 2003-06-30
Mozilla (devel) 1.5b 2003-08-27
Multivalent/ R7 2003-09-01 Understands more formats besides HTML Multivalent kann nicht nur HTML, sondern auch ein paar andere Formate lesen. Geschrieben in Java. Aktuelle Version ist "Release 7 (R7)" von 1. September 2003. Der aktuelle Entwickler-Snapshot ist vom 15. September.
Nautilus 2.3.7 2003-07-21 GNOME's file manager
netrik 1.12.0 2003-09-07 text browser.
Netscape 7.1 ????-??-??
OmniWeb (MacOSX) 4.2.1 2003-05-13
OmniWeb (MacOSX) (devel) 4.5beta3 2003-07-10 expires on 2003-08-01
Opera (Linux) 7.11 ????-??-?? commercial. Linux/Mac/Windows and OS/2, Solaris, FreeBSD, QNX, Symbian
Phoenix -> Firebird --- --- --- ---
retawq 0.1.7 2003-09-03 text browser.
Safari Latest Version ????-??-??
Scamper Latest Version ????-??-?? (Squeak)
Skipstone 0.83 2002-06-25 Using Gtk+. Based on Gecko.
XEmacs Latest Version ????-??-??
w3m 0.4.1 * 2003-03-06 *
Zen Latest Version ????-??-??
[ar] 2003-06-03: Connection refused - huh?
[ed] no release date given.  so i used the timestamp on "webpage".
[km] 2003-06-03: - connection time out :-(

[DL] release dates not available on website -> info requires download. :-(
     download (of source) necessary to find release date in the archive

devel -> development version


what good is it to add "applications" or "projects" or even "software" in the *web address*? i really wished those URLs were shorter! i'm looking forward to someone to come up with browsername.domain for each of the browsers. ishzilla's address could become "" or even ""


Deutsche Mozilla FAQ



Browser Watch
"Browser Watch: Keeps you informed about new versions of IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, [Camino, ] and Safari"



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