28C3 -- CCC Congress 2011 -
Satellite Station IN-Berlin
Dec 26-30


During the ccc congress in December 27-30, 2011, the ISP IN-Berlin offers people to take a break at their facilities.

IN-Berlin offers seats and tables, internet, food+drinks -- and streams from the congress.

So join us for some chilling, stream watching, food hacking, hardware bending and tagging, lock picking, and key signing! Store your luggage, sit down, log in, -- and take a break.

The Opening in Mon Dec 26

We start on Mon Dec26th in the afternoon at 17:23. (Must avoid the evil daystar with its burning rays!) So - everyone who is already in town - come over! Let us meet before all the talks and workshops start. Expect some food hacking to happen, too!

We will start off with a chili and a vegetable soup. (donations welcome :-)

Opening Times

The satellite station will be open during the congress, ie from Mon Dec26 unto Fri Dec30.

We try to keep it open 24/7 - provided a keyholder is there.


IN-Berlin is about a mile north of Berlin Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). So either walk for 15mins to 20mins - or take the bus123 for three hops until "Kruppstrasse" - and then cross the street. The exact address is '''Lehrter Strasse #53 in 10557 Berlin''' (geo coordinates: 52.53470, 13.3586). see also: http://tinyurl.com/in-berlin-de Entering "Individual Network" in google maps should suffice, too.

This place isnt directly accessible for wheelies - but we actually got a wooden ramp to put out, so we can have a reasonably accessible site.

For more info about accessible sites in Berlin see WheelMap.org.


IN-Berlin has a refridgerator with a dozen kind of beverages, including coca cola, club-mate, kraft-malz, cider and beer. All cost 1euro per bottle. (Water is definitely cheaper!)

There are also some snacks such as candy bars, crisps, chewing gum, and other healthy things.

Donations are welcome, of course. :)

Prices: 70cent for Mineral Water (sparkling and medium gaseous). 1euro for all other drinks: Juices, lemonades, and beer.

Juices: Tomato Juice (Bauer), Voelkel Siebenzwerge Kindersaft (BIO), Voelkel Orange Juice (BIO), Voelkel Elder/Holunder Lemonade, Voelkel Waldbeeren Schorle.

Lemonades: Chabeso (Lemon), Chabeso Radler, OBC Cidre strong + classic, Club-Mate and Club-Mate Winter Edition (cinnamon), Fritz-Cola Stevia, Fritz-Limo Orange Lemonade, Premium-Cola, NOW RedBerry (BIO), Spezi (orange juice + coca cola), [Wostok ("tastes like fir forest")].

Beers: Augustiner Edelstoff, Lutzbier, Neumarkter Lambsbräu Schwarze (Hefeweißbier), Oeko Ur-Weizen alkoholfrei/alcohol-free, Pinkus Spezial natuertrüb+ungefiltert (BIO), Pinkus Pils (BIO), Quartiermeister.


Food Hacking: As IN-Berlin also has a kitchen with pots and pans, we shall be buying food and doing some food hacking.

Food is available from the near-by supermarkets. Help to buy+carry food is very welcome.

(But remember: Cooking is killing restaurants. Dont do it. Be safe. ;-)

Hardware Tagging: We have some permanent markers and tape for you hardware, so you can tag them. Put your name, email, and phone number on everything! It is really nice to get a phone call from someone who tells you where to pick it up again. :-)

Printing: IN-Berlin also has a printer.

We can print your gpg/pgp fingerprints, or some public transport connections.. well, anything reasonable to print. we should rather avoid printing. (save the rainforest and all this.)

But if you need some directions to your hostel and you dont have a smart phone to show the info then we probably print it out for you.

Lock Picking: Try to open (easy) locks with some lock picking tools. All of this is perfectly legal, of course. Your instructor is Fabio Schmeil email facebook

Hardware Bending and Soldering: Workshops on these are coming up..

Internetting: You can bring your machine and log in to the interwebs -- all day. All illegal activities are highly discouraged. Let us be nice to one another. The motto of Noisebridge applies: "Be excellent to each other!"

Streaming: When the congress streams the talks, we shall use the projector to show them. We are hoping to get a VPN connection to the 28C3 NOC for best effects. (TODO!)

Moaaaarrr: Got more ideas? Like playing the card game FLUXX? Yarn bombing? Tell us!


IN-Berlin is situated close to several markets nearby - Aldi, Hellweg, Kaisers, KiK, LIDL, Penny, and Tedi. All of these are all open until 20h/8pm (Mon-Fri), on Saturdays until 18h/6pm.

Kaiser''s @ Main Station Mon-Sat 6-24
Kaiser''s Mon-Sat 7-22
LIDL Mon-Sat 8-21 Quitzowstr. 23, 10559 Berlin
Hellweg Mon-Sat 8-20
Penny Mon-Sat 8-20
Aldi Mon-Sat 9-20
KiK Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18
Tedi Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18

Hauptbahnhof (Main Station): The Kaiser''s food store, opens early at 6am and runs through midnight. (TODO: link to confirmation)

Tourist Info at Hauptbahnhof: Mon-Sun 8-22h

TODO: Opening times of bakery nearby.


Phone: The landline phone number of IN-Berlin is +49-30-45490377.

You can also contact Sven Guckes (IRC:SvenG) directly on his cellphone: +49-179-3966141

You can call any time - but if he does not pick up then chances are he is taking a nap. ;-) In any case - leave a text message! :-)

Twitter: Please tweet with the hashtag #28c3sat (28c3 satellite).

Chat/IRC: The channel for the congress is on FreeNode and is simply called #28c3. and there is another channel for the folks watching the streams.

join us!

just start an irc client and enter those commands:

/server irc.freenode.org
/join #28c3
/join #no-nerd-left-behind

Public Transport

We suggest you buy a week pass for 27euros which already pays when you are here for four days (a day pass costs 6euros).

Along with your purchase we recommend you download one of the following apps for your smart phone:

fahrinfo or oeffi. Both share these features:

fahrinfo also shows nearby stations in virtual reality, so you wont have to figure out which way to go to a station on a map. Just follow the hopping signs on your camera display!

oeffi shows your current location within the path of the connection both within the connection''s description and on the map. "you are right here within your current connection."

app for iphone + iPod touch: fahrinfo

  1. http://fahrinfoapp.de/
  2. http://www.appsundco.de/iphone/apps/reisen/fahrinfo-berlin/

app for android: oeffi

  1. http://www.androidpit.de/de/android/market/apps/app/de.schildbach.oeffi/Oeffi-OePNV-Auskunft
  2. DB Navigator http://www.androidpit.de/de/android/market/apps/app/de.hafas.android.db/DB-Navigator


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Some hopefully useful links for you:

  1. IN-Berlin http://www.in-berlin.de
  2. google maps of IN-Berlin location
  3. Pay as you go sim with data Wiki
  4. LIDL
  5. Airports SXF+TXL
  6. WheelMap.org.